Caucus on Government Accountability issues call to Greens to declare against state crimes against democracy

To: Greens USA, for discussion and debate:
From: Caucus on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistle Blower Protections.

Regarding: A media project to call out the malfeasance and demand accountability and justice.

Dear Comrades,

The time for offering a vision for a better society is long past. The ecological emergency we are in makes getting justice and accountability a priority because without that the power of the elites will remain unchallenged, and green possibilities for a free and ecological society will be doomed by state and corporate domination. To break the chains of domination, Greens need to call out the Big Lies that have been used to build the oligarchic technocratic plutocracy into the monster that it is today.

A concerted campaign dedicated to calling out the ‘Big Lies’ will garner considerable attention. Greens can position themselves as champions of the people and the planet by calling out the lies that have enabled the power structure to act with impunity to advance a violent military industrial state. But this requires speaking truth to power, and may ultimately require mobilizing the general strike. But first, we must agree on a strategy for delegitimizing the power structure.

I was active in Oregon’s Pacific Party at the time the September 11, 2001 attacks occurred on the Twin Towers, Building #7, and the Pentagon. Since then, the Pacific Green Party has increased its numbers only marginally even though the conditions that Greens have warned about have gotten worse: the wealth divide has increased; the environmental conditions have worsened; and the collusion of the military industrial, chemical complex with unaccountable deep state elements has only deepened. But the appeal of the Green Movement has not kept pace with the growth of the American national security state.

To explain the lack of growth, anecdotally, party activists point to the problem of campaign finance and the difficulty of overcoming Big Money; some point to the electoral inequities and cite the need for Ranked Choice Voting to help a minor party gain a foothold in state legislatures. Oddly, since 2001, Oregon has added two other ‘progressive’ and centrist political parties to the ballot, further diluting strength of Greens. And now, ‘Bernie-crats’ are advancing a “people’s party” that will likely siphon energy away from the Green Movement.

I wonder, though, might GPUS be more well known, and more highly regarded, had the Green Media Machine stood firm on calling out the Big Lie of 9/11from the beginning? Greens would have had to have been willing to face off with slurs of “conspiracy theorist” from those advancing the false ‘official’ narrative of the 9/11 Commission.

Had we more vociferously called out the Big Lie of 9/11, the Green Movement, I think, could have become a bigger player in American politics and culture than we are today. If we had relentlessly pushed back against the obviously phony assertion that the buildings just ‘pancaked,’ (to quote Dick Cheney), we would be considered tenacious champions of justice; I am sure of this. But Greens would have faced a furious mainstream media, the one owned by the plutocracy.

To be clear, the GPUS platform plank does call for a full investigation of the 9/11 events and by implication rejects the credibility of the 9/11 Commission Report. Furthermore, Greens recognize the problem of the Military Industrial Complex, the abuse of National Security protocols, and the need to resist an encroaching surveillance state emblematic in the proposed “vaccine passports” for Covid vaccine. But Green leaders seem shy about invoking platform planks that give us moral standing to call out the malfeasance.

Ironically, the protest against the Iraq War in 2003 responded to the ‘Big Lie’ that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, but mainstream progressives wouldn’t question the 9/11 events, or even the 1960’s assassinations (considered too long ago to matter). It was a lost opportunity because by 2005 upwards to 80% of Americans wanted a new investigation.

While Jill Stein as Green presidential candidate took heat for challenging the official narrative on 9/11, perhaps if Greens had a stronger, more militant institutional message about getting accountability, then her standing may have been bolstered by the Party activism.

The newly formed Caucus on Government Accountability calls on Greens, across a variety of media platforms, to advance reports that call out the corruption and the malfeasance of big business and Congress, and the unaccountable deep state; this will distinguish us from all the other parties, especially the duopoly. Running against corruption, and detailing the crimes, is very likely to give Greens more traction with those on the political spectrum who are suspicious and skeptical of state authority and corporate power.

I will leave it up to each reader to do his or her own research on 9/11, but my reading and understanding is that the attacks were an inside job and the events of 9/11 constitute an act of state by unaccountable deep state actors who betrayed their oath to defend the constitution.

Consider these facts of culpability: by invoking “national security” Federal authorities precluded a forensic criminal examination of the Towers and Building 7; there was a media blackout on the recovered airplane Black Boxes from the Towers; there was a complete denial of the obvious case of imploded buildings, among other issues, all of which implicates the US Government in a crime scene coverup. Greens need to call this out every day.

Much has been written about 9/11 and the record is clear that a preponderance of evidence shows the US Government is lying to the American people and is hiding the truth.

Let’s imagine:

What might the Green Movement look like today had Greens relentlessly fought for the truth, and not caved under pressure and gone silent on state crimes? What might the movement look like today had Greens positioned themselves more antagonistically to the state authorities, and functioned as a foil to security state overreach?

One thing is for certain, if pressing for the truth caused the Green Party to grow, greens would have been subject to FBI surveillance and beset with agent provocateurs to undermine the political message. We should expect this, but if our message is clear, it won’t matter. We need to make a strong case by considering what we have lost.

What historic possibilities were lost as a result of the 1960’s assassinations and the 9/11 attacks? This question is important because it reveals how impactful these crimes have been on determining the course of history. Our current conditions are due to the decisions of the national security state in collusion with the military industrial complex.

For example, society never got a ‘peace dividend;’ we never got a chance to see where President Kennedy would have taken the country given his willingness to negotiate with post-colonial nationalists; we never got to see what influence Malcolm X could have had on international affairs as a radical muslim citizen diplomat, nor did society get to follow the trajectory of Martin Luther King was leading the country.

Instead, American society has been on a war footing since WW II that has not let up, and the military industrial elites have held virtually absolute power. We should be very indignant about the unsolved crimes that have enabled a form of corporate and government tyranny to develop in our society.

The failure to prosecute state crimes has led to even grander acts of impunity by which deep state / Big Industry operators are able to carry out a plutocratic agenda. Indeed, if the culprits were exposed by an aggressive Congressional investigation into Kennedy’s assassination, then impunity might have been broken.

But that didn’t happen, and so the impunity carried on and enabled the events of 9/11. The lack of accountability of the 1960’s taught the power elite that they can tell a big lie and get away with it. So, they told a bigger lie than ever told before in the 9/11 crime.

To recall the lyric: ‘silence like a cancer grows;’ and American silence has enabled increased acts of impunity which has expanded the power of the state and weakened the strength of civic institutions and the people’s will to fight.

If Greens champion getting to the truth, and demand justice, then we will be filling a rhetorical void in the mainstream media-sphere. We will be champions of a moral cause, and the American people will come to the party to be in solidarity with our call for justice. It isn’t enough to run on our 4 pillars; we are long past that language; now we need to run on breaking the chains that bind us to a plutocratically controlled criminal state.

It is time for Greens, Progressives, Populists, Libertarians, to all unite around demanding justice for state crimes against our democracy, and insisting on the possibilities a democracy promises, as a measure of taking back our country.

Greens should lead on this, and it would behoove us to consider recruiting Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney to be the presidential ticket for the Greens for the 2024 presidential run; they both have electoral experience and have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing the truth.

We the people cannot make a better society without the plutocracy being held to account for crimes against our democracy and earth’s ecosystem. Let’s call out elite impunity by calling out the malfeasance and demanding accountability.

Issued by the Caucus on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistle Blower Protections.

First Member,
Chuck Fall

Portland, Oregon
April 12, 2001

An Open Letter to Greens and progressives for a call to take a stand against state crimes: sign the petition to investigate the crimes.

An open letter to Green Party organizations of the United States of America.

As Greens compete in the open marketplace of ideas, and endeavor to spread their message for creating an ecologically sane society, and seek to gain electoral seats in local, state and federal government, they need to stand out on issues that get at the heart of what the “Green Project” is all about. I propose Pacific Greens endorse the effort to enact a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to seek truth and justice for those killed in 1960’s assassinations.

Greens are for ecological sustainability / ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, social justice, and living in a peaceful, non-violent society.

But all of this possibility for a better society is shadowed by the grave injustice of the 1960’s assassinations, especially John F. Kennedy’s. James Douglas in his book, JFK and the Unspeakable: why his death matters, convincingly argues that JFK was murdered by agents of the U.S. Government who conspired to prevent Kennedy from carrying out a presidency that threatened to undermine the power of the military industrial complex; Douglas asserts that if Kennedy wasn’t killed our country would have , could have, put the USA on a peaceful trajectory and avoided the Vietnam War, Iraq War, and Afghanistan war and countless other CIA covert operations that undermined democratic movements. The blow against Kennedy was a blow against the possibility for peace in the world.

One of the most egregious aspects of the Kennedy assassination is that the official explanation provided in the Warren Commission Report, a brazen cover up, was a preposterously implausible conspiracy theory that covered up a host of known facts; the preposterousness of the lone gunman theory, and the pressure to accept the official report, forced the American public into cognitive dissonance, which manifests as a silence, because facing the horror of the assassination renders one unspeakable, or speechless. However, Americans know they are being lied to.

One poll asked if the person accepted the Warren Commission theory of Oswald being a “lone gunman,” to explain the Kennedy assassination; 70% said they did not. So, 70% of those polled don’t believe their government is telling the truth. As long as the truth of JFK’s assassination goes unaddressed, and the lie about his murder remains uninvestigated, then we the people will be unable to confront the vast power of the military industrial complex and get justice.

The Green dream for a peaceful world, and any hope of “social justice” much less simple justice, is precluded by the 1960’s false narrative that essentially holds the American public in a captive state of silent submission. We employ cognitive dissonance to cope with the problem of facing the official lie about Oswald: we don’t trust the Warren Commission Report but we won’t challenge the veracity of the report either; we live with a lie. By making a platform plank for a Truth Commissions we can purge the silence and purge the fear which keeps us silent, and empower and even enliven the green movement with a purposeful vigor: get justice for Kennedy and reassert his call for a Peaceful world that controls wars by controlling the Military Industrial Complex. I believe this can be a winning principle for Greens to organize around and build relationships with other progressive groups as a way to build the movement.

Assuming Greens ever take the presidency, or even a federal senate seat, the elected official will be confronted by the problem of a national security state that is not invested nor interested in Green Values and would be antagonistic to any Green New Deal that might be advanced.

Indeed, the green pillars for ecological wisdom, and non-violence / peace are antithetical to the goals of a national security state. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission will shine light on sectors of our government that must be confronted; otherwise, the Green ambition for a non-violent society and peaceful world can never be achieved.

Greens should stand in solidarity with The Truth and Reconciliation Committee; it is the action project for American Truth Now,, They are circulating a petition to ask Speaker Pelosi to open an investigation, or at least sponsor a Truth and Reconciliation project to investigate the 1960’s assassinations. The purpose is to reveal the truth and find some pathway into reconciliation, so that society may learn from the past to make a better future.

President Dwight Eisenhower famously warned the nation three days before he relinquished the presidency and Kennedy was inaugurated, that we should beware of the Military Industrial Complex; he wanted to include congressional in the group but was dissuaded by his speech writer. Sadly, the warning did not save Kennedy, nor have our elected officials heeded the warning; thus, the Military Industrial Complex solidified its power. As a result, we are a country captive to a plutocracy against which we have little capacity to push back.

This is a call for Greens to explicitly denounce the national security state governmental / military industrial complex. It’s grip on government is what has kept our country from moving forward in a way consistent with Green values.

I call for all Greens to discuss and debate these provisions for doing the following by taking a vote of the members:

Sign the Petition circulated by American Truth Now, which asks Speaker Pelosi to open a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to inquire into the 1960’s assassinations;

Include a plank in Pacific Green platform that explicitly Calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to explore and clarify facts around the assertion of the joint statement on the 1960’s assassination makes; or, a plank that denounces USA government malfeasance for failing to investigate JFK’s assassination and bring bad actors to justice; or, call for prosecution of Allen Dulles, post-mortem.

Sponsor local conferences that educate the public on issues of Truth and malfeasance by U.S. government and corporations;

Include a platform plank that recognizes the value and importance of Whistle Blower protections; call for expanded protections to all government employees and private contractors that reveal government actions and programs that are contrary to the public interest, are illegal, and / or are not consistent with the oath of the constitution;
Include a platform plank that calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be formed to investigate the 9/11 events.

Include a platform plank to denounce illegal aerial spraying and call for a cease and desist of all geoengineering projects pending an environmental review for impact and a legal / judicial review for violations of oath to the constitution.

In closing, it is my experience that any discussion of about Truth is a taboo topic and so members of the Pacific Green Community will be uncomfortable with this, but by calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and standing in solidarity with the American Truth Now Joint Statement, we acknowledge that it is important to address illegal acts, especially ones that are morally reprehensible.

The “Unspeakable” in the title of James Douglas’s book is what is taboo; the Unspeakable is the profoundly uncomfortable task of thinking about and acknowledging the evil force that was brought to bear on JFK; a force, or a group, which robbed us, we the people, of a world of possibilities that John F. Kennedy wanted to see develop. We should feel very indignant about this.

Instead we sit in silence; the silence that fear of the Unspeakable produces, and this fear conditions us to live with the Unspeakable; we sweep it under the rug and ignore it, or rationalize it away.

Our silence enables the official conspiracy theory of JFK’s murder to remain unchallenged, and the false narrative retains legitimacy in social consciousness. An unchallenged government lie is a denial of justice, and our silence only lets the corrupt regime act with impunity.

As a result, official lies have enabled the people behind the Military Industrial Complex to rob us of what could have been: a society and history marked mostly by peace and less by war than what the USA has produced over the past 60 years.

It is our right to know the truth, and it is our right to demand justice and seek redress for our grievance. As Douglas discusses in his book, and he cites Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk who anticipated Kennedy’s assassination when he mused that if Kennedy pursued peace with Kruschev, he would be assassinated. Douglas went on to say about Merton that he thought, one’s willingness to look into the “unspeakable” and contend with what is behind Kennedy’s assassination, is a measure of ones humanity and compassion for human kind.

Let’s support the efforts of the American Truth Now by passing the proposed measures.

All political parties need a Caucus on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistle Blower Protection: A Resolutions

A Resolution to form a Caucus on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistleblower Protections as a way to channel activism toward a noble cause; inspired by the principle of Non-Violence.

We political Greens from around the USA recognize that the Military Industrial Complex is a major impediment to peace and has initiated crimes against democracy, domestic and foreign; therefore, we call for a Caucus to provide a clearing and a call for activist members to stand vigil and monitor for injustice, and petition our grievances to appropriate governmental agencies.

To preface:

Greens are opposed to violence as a general rule and so we are opposed to unaccountable elements within government agencies, covert and overt, that illegally cause violence and other malfeasance. Transparency and accountability are antidotes to government and corporate secrecy, which is a poison to our democracy.


The National Security Act of 1947 created an opaque section of government that functions as the ‘national security state’ and which operates in secret and is by design and intent, violent; the Act spawned and sustained the Cold War against communism, thus, it deprived the American people of a peace dividend following WW II.

Alan Dulles orchestrated the transfer of NAZI war criminals from Germany to the United States, and with his brother John Foster Dulles, established the CIA and established the foundation for the Military Industrial Complex.

President Eisenhower famously warned the nation of the danger of the Military Industrial Complex, two days before the presidency passed to John F. Kennedy. Kennedy fired Allan Dulles for his role in the Bay of Pigs, and threatened to “scatter the CIA to the wind.”

President Truman penned a Washington Post editorial within a week of Kennedy’s assassination calling for CIA to be limited to true intelligence gathering, and expressed remorse about signing the 1947 Security Act into law.

The Warren Commission Report appointed Alan Dulles to act as executive director of the Commission and curate the flow of evidence and testimony,

A preponderance of historical evidence shows U.S. Government agents have carried out a secret agenda of the Military Industrial / National Security State Complex in the case of the Kennedy assassination, and other 1960’s assassinations and later around the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Let it be resolved that Greens demand that:

All governmental malfeasance conducted in the name of national security that was ordered by high level government personnel, must be subject to full investigation by a dedicated Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission.

Our country is entitled to know the truth about government agency involvement in the 1960’s assassinations and the 9/11 event, so we the people may come to terms with our history, and consider the unthinkable and unspeakable violations of the public trust; by doing this, we can hopefully avoid and prevent additional acts of malfeasance in the future. Furthermore, by holding investigations we the people may reclaim rights within the political realm that were stolen from the country, that are represented by possibilities for a better society.

A government that neglects to pursue justice against those who commit crimes against national leaders, is complicit in the unaccountable deep state. This failure of Congress to protect the country, perpetuates acts of impunity, and the failure to investigate these crimes makes Congress a willing partner in the malfeasance. Silence is complicity. We demand investigations to compel accountability.

The oath to defend the constitution and protect the republic has been broken by malfeasance around the 1960’s assassinations and the 9/11 attacks. To the extent possible, we demand individual actors be named and subject to a review by a TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE.

From credible sources, based on a preponderance of evidence, we find our democracy has been attacked on several occasions, so we:

Endorse the petition advanced by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee which calls on Congress to convene a Truth Commission to investigate the 1960’s assassinations and to release all records associated with the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Demand an accounting for role the FBI and US Military Intelligence played in the assassinations in Dr. King, Malcolm X and Freddie Hampton, as a preponderance of evidence shows Federal complicity.

Endorse Greens USA platform plank calling for September 11, 2001 investigations; endorse all calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to conduct a full criminal forensic investigation and criminal probe into the 9/11 bombings of the Twin Towers and Building #7; and account for the the attack on the Pentagon.

Demand an investigation of all aspects of the September 11 crime pulling on extensive research contained in archives of the 9/ web site.

Require full disclosure of all surviving evidence, including video tapes seized from facilities at the Pentagon site; airplane black boxes; and more.

Whistleblower Protections are necessary for securing justice and preserving our democracy; so we call for:

Strengthen Whistle-Blower protections to include full protection from retribution by Federal authorities and grant retroactive protections for those who called out malfeasance.

Stop the U.S. Government persecution of Julian Assange in recognition of his role as a Whistle Blower.

Grant Edward Snowden immunity from Federal prosecution in recognition of his role as a Whistle Blower.

Grant Chelsea Manning complete exoneration for violations of rules in light of her role as a Whistle Blower.

Subject government secrecy rules to an independent investigation into necessity and purpose for secrecy status.

Increase legal protections to journalists who report on governmental malfeasance.

Place the Inspector Generals from the General Accounting Office beyond the reach of presidential influence and capacity to manipulate.

Extend protection of Whistleblower Protection Law to officers and staff of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Investigate the Covid outbreak:

Call for a Congressional Truth Commission to conduct a full investigation into the origins and provenance of SARS Cov2.

Investigate the joint American and Chinese gain of function research into coronaviruses that is associated with the SARS Cov2 outbreak, including the role Peter Daszak, as principal at the Eco Health Alliance, a sub-contractor to federal agencies, including the Pentagon.

Investigate if violations of patent law, and international law against patenting natural organisms, have occurred in the ‘gain of function’ research associated with the coronavirus.

Pull back the national security rules that conceal safety violations and risky gain of function technology that create hazardous conditions within and surrounding the Level 3 and 4 Bio Safety Lab.

This Caucus Resolution should be updated periodically at conventions for purposes of speaking truth to power.

Book Review of An Act of State, by William Pepper; by a preponderance of evidence…

William Pepper befriended Martin Luther King after King read a Ramparts Magazine article in 1967 about atrocities in the Vietnam War. Pepper’s report moved Dr.King to take a more critical stance against the war and later lead him to call for a Poor People’s Movement, fusing two currents of at a time of revolutionary change.

In An Act of State, William Pepper, a radical human rights lawyer, tells the story of engaging with the King family to uncover the truth around King’s murder.

MLK’s assassination was a profound shock to Pepper, which at the time, drove him away from the public activism, to professional work, but he would return to the crime scene, almost 12 years later, on behalf of the King family to try to get James E. Ray a new trial.

Ray claimed his innocence within three days of his guilty plea; Pepper’s investigation makes the case that Ray was set up as a patsy to make the state’s case of a lone gunman assassin; but Pepper’s counter narrative is that there was a conspiracy and it was an act of state, which describes the thesis of King’s assassination. To exonerate Ray, Pepper needed to convince a jury an of alternative explanation for what happened.

As a way to build public interest for a new trial for Ray, Pepper conducted a mock trial of the King assassination on BBC television. Though Pepper was never able to secure Ray a new trial, who died in jail in 1998, the King family did sue Lloyd Jowers …, who implicated himself as a result of the BBC TV production.

Lloyd Jowers was mentioned as a suspect, given witnesses saw him handle a rifle reportedly used in the crime. Jowers was the landlord for the short term room rental from which Ray is alleged to have shot King.

To deflect his role as the actual assassin, Lloyd Jowers went on ABC and said to Sam Donaldson that he participated in the assassination and knew who the assassin was.

The King family sued Lloyd Jowers and through the case, Pepper demonstrated by a preponderance of evidence that Ray did not kill King, and that more plausibly it was a conspiracy of local and federal law enforcement. They won a $100.00 financial award from Jowers, and the King family was satisfied with a revelation of a conspiracy.

In Pepper’s account, there were a lot of people involved in the assassination: local mafia, local police, FBI and Military Intelligence / assassin teams that would be used as a back up if the primary assassin team of local people failed; it’s complicated.

William Pepper has two other titles about the King assassination, A Plot to Kill King, and Order to Kill, which provide credible and plausible explanation for what happened and why it happened.

In a nutshell, Ray was framed, and an elaborate plot was engineered; there were insiders in the Civil Rights Movement who are alleged to have aided and abetted the assassination, and there has been the ongoing cover up that involves misinformation and assassination. Pepper reports a fascinating story of deceit and intrigue, as he pieces together the bits and shards of evidence, much of it second hand.

Pepper tells the story of how King matured as a social political activist from his days in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. It was a great triumph for the movement when President Johnson signed into law in 1965 the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts. But King kept moving forward and wanted more reforms.

In 1967 King delivered his famous speech condemning the Vietnam War and it was a shot across the bow for the establishment. King exhibited a willingness to branch out from civil and voting rights to more radical and contentious issues like opposing war (the military industrial complex, and opposing systemic impoverishment of people of color. Some in the movement thought King betrayed a tacit agreement to not get too “uppity” and to not as for too much, like ending a war.

When I think about the 1960’s assassinations including John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X and Robert F. Kennedy, I wonder how history would have unfolded if these great leaders were not killed. It is easy to imagine that the geo-political affairs of an imperial American power would have have been brought to heel under an anti-militarism policy and a pro-social justice movement. This was certainly King’s destiny.

Indeed, it is possible to imagine if the four assassinated leaders lived a full life, that great arc of a just history that King confidently believed was available to humankind, might have, could have unfolded.

Perhaps the highlight of An Act of State is Chapter 10, which is a discussion into King’s philosophy about change and where he was willing to go, and the implication of this for his fate. But it should inform our thinking today about where we should be as a movement and the stance we need to take to achieve the chang: King’s vision.

Pepper eloquently recites King’’s philosophy of anti-materialism and a deep humanism that would oppose the relentless drive into a consumeristic, materialistic society that would prove antagonistic to basic principles of dignity for all, and a pursuit of a just society.

To highlight some of the text from Chapter 10: A Vision unto Death, a Truth beyond the Grave; Pepper observes: King, he says, “inherited a dehumanized society…where all values are reduced to market values and market prices…King confronted societies’ ‘insatiable quest for money and material consumption’…as the growth of corporate power parallels the increasing dominance of materialism, the movement for community control and localization becomes the natural reaction to the process of society dehumanization that Martin King sought to reverse.”

“Underlying the Poor People’s Campaign was a goal of empowering people in their communities to create a better life in balance with nature…and…becoming part of the woodier world as zones of accountability and responsibility, which they manage themselves.”

King saw a problem of the “dominance of western materialism…” He saw the “insatiable quest for money…” and juxtaposed that with the “Poor People’s Campaign” as a ‘revolutionary undertaking’ to counteract the pursuit of money with the pursuit of social justice.

King further challenged members of his own faith by calling Christianity a ‘religion of materialism,’ and criticized it for undermining the world’s tribal people, ‘across five continents, over five centuries and enabled the Europeans to achieve world domination of global resources.”

King scathingly denounces European culture as carrying the “materialistic torch” that ‘caused deaths of hundreds of millions…’ His critique of European culture saw it as a “materially advanced technological society running away from…Judeo / Christian heritage…’ Pepper goes on to observe the “the military industrial complex…[King saw it] as violating American cultural heritage by making USA greatest purveyors of violence on the planet…” Poignantly, King prophesied that the growth of militarism would cause the end of democracy…”

In King’s view…”the only alternative to disaster was to promote the perception of the oneness of humankind over the public policies of the nation…”

King aligned explicitly with Ghandi’s vision for change through civil disobedience and he aligned with Ghandi’s humanitarian sensibility which Pepper traces to a philosopher named John Ruskin, a critic living in the UK.

Pepper notes that by 1967, no national leader had emerged to lead the anti-war effort until MLK made his view known. As a warning to the Establishment, a largely white demonstration involving 200,000, mostly middle class protestors, converged on the Pentagon, encircling it, and this presaged what would happen in Washington DC with a Poor People’s Campaign.

King was “attempting to confront the core issue of economic injustices running in American Society…” which included protesting the War in Vietnam and the growth of militarism.”

This “new struggle brought MLK into direct conflict with the Federal Government and its numerous agency surrogates…[serving]…corporate interests.”

King’s movement, Pepper observes, was more ‘akin to a class revolution than an anti-colonial struggle…” and for this reason, King’s destiny was cut short, as an ‘act of state.’

So, what are we the readers supposed to do with the knowledge that our government, or surrogates of our government, national security state agents, killed an American citizen endeavoring to affect a social revolution?

Well for one, we should accept that the attack on King and others in the 1960’s was a counter-revolution conducted by agents of the state; we need to accept that in effect historical possibilities were denied by the assassinations. Justice means reclaiming history, forcing accountability with truth commissions, and demanding a reparation toward the peace dividend we should have gotten.

We then need to call for the same thing King was calling for…as a way to redeem King’s vision, and give King’s vision the same currency today it had when he was killed; and continue to move forward, as a movement, from where he left off…because since King’s assassination, things have only gotten worse in terms of our society descending into materialism and militarism. Society has degraded since King’s death. Let’s go back, figuratively speaking, and set things right.

A shout out to RFK Jr. and the silent left.

I’m fresh from watching a podcast between Robert F. Kennedy Jr., principal at Children’s Health Defense, and Naomi Wolff, a journalist friendly to Kennedy’s point of view. . This blog post is a shout out to them.

The podcast was mostly the two of them ranting and lamenting, but offering serious discourse on the state of mind of the political left in Covid 19 America. I couldn’t find the link to the podcase when I went back to the CHD website looking to bookmark. It was a very informal conversation, but really a rant from RFK, Jr., which was ok. He is entitled to rant; he was bemoaning the silence of the left.

For those unaware, Kennedy has considerable history as a litigator, handling grievances from families and individuals who claim to have been injured from a vaccine. And he has won a share of cases in Vaccine Court, where injury cases are disputed.

Most recently, Kennedy was ‘de-platformed’ from one of the big social media accounts because he posted skeptical messages that challenge the mainstream media and official narratives about what is going on around the SARS Cov2 virus. The media from which RFK Jr. was de-platformed said he made false claims about the vaccines; this attack on his character was amplified by The NY Times article disparaging Kennedy as an ‘anti-vaxxer.’

However, as a measure of Kennedy’s bi-partisanship, Children’s Health Defense web page featured a headline asking followers to petition their representatives in Congress and the Senate to support HR 834, a bill sponsored by Republican Representative Bill Posey from Florida; it is a call for investigations, perhaps initiated by this letter from CHD.

It is unclear if there is any Democratic Party support for the measure, but certainly Green Party USA should support this bill, and build a bridge with the right.

Wolf and Kennedy lament the absence of any concerted critique of the Covid lockdown from traditional left sources. Indeed, the left are largely silent on Covid skepticism and accept the official narrative that there is nothing nefarious or untoward going on around the Covid 19 epidemic.

See this article for a plausible hypothesis for an engineered virus suing gain of function technology.

On the podcast, Naomi W. characterized herself and Kennedy as “liberals,” but they are really ‘libertarian’ leftists willing to look critically at the information, and willing to challenge the mainstream narrative asserted by the authorities.

Their discussion highlighted what drives much of the skepticism of the Covid pandemic; problem of domination by Big Pharma; and they discussed the sad silence of the left, and the alienation from friends and family unwilling to dialogue, stuck on the official narrative, uncritical of claims of malfeasance.

They discussed the problem of Big Pharma and its collusion with the national “health” agencies like the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease. Kennedy questioned the assumption of power by Bill Gates’ through his GAVI institute, all because he could, by seeding his philanthropy, he insinuated himself into the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and presents himself as the expert, asserting “everyone will get the vaccine” and a “vaccine passport” will be necessary to travel, boasting another time how much money that could be made from selling shots. Such an assertion should get the attention of the best civil libertarians.

And underneath all of this is the role patents and big money play as drivers in research and development. Now, Big Pharma is poised to experience the largest infusion of revenue from vaccines and testing, never seen before.

Another reason for skepticism is the extensive involvement of the US Pentagon in research and development of dangerous pathogens through Gain of Function technology that involves colluding with Big Pharma and NIAH. This kind of research involves level 3 and 4 ‘Bio-Safety’ lab testing facilities, an ironic term given the numbers of documented lab leaks that have occurred over the past years from them. Read Richard Ebright interview.

But the mainstream media do not highlight this aspect of the problem, nor provide any significant history and back story for the development of corona virus research. From the left, there is minimal journalistic investigation of the conflicts of interests that run rampant and are evidence of extensive corruption (all of this routinely covered in CHD media platform). See this conflict of interest news story about Peter Daszak, principal for the Eco Health Alliance, a liaison between US government agencies, including the Pentagon, and Chinese laboratories.

Democracy Now! hosted by Amy Goodman interviewed Daszak at the onset of the covid outbreak but asked no questions that challenged his credibility or questioned the extensive back story of corona virus gain of function. And, Daszak continues to be the lead apologist for the zoonosis theory of SARS Cov2 entering the human population but offers no credible citations for how this occurred. This article poses a plausible explanation for gain of function technology in the SARS Cov2 virus.

The rightwing media obfuscates by not going for the whole story, and especially, not raising questions about the long patent trail that runs through NIAH, CDC, and Big Pharma. If the ‘follow the money’ axiom has any currency, it is necessary for understanding how society is being manipulated by the Covid 19 ‘pandemic.’ See the Fauci / Covid 19 Dossier for an expose on this matter.

Progressive media produces misinformation. For an example of a hit job, there is the previously mentioned NY Times hit on Kennedy, but here is a link to The Daily Kos, ostensibly a “progressive” media, devoted an article to discredit Dr. Redfield, Trump’s appointment to the Centers for Disease Control, who opines that the virus leaked from a lag. The point of this piece is to reason fallaciously about the lab hypothesis and discredit the hypothesis.

Never in the article does the Daily Kos author mention or give credence to the hypothesis of a lab leak; instead it reasserts without evidence what the NY Times, Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance, and even leaders within my own Oregon Green Party claim; that SARS Cov2 emerged “naturally” into the human population through zoonosis. But more evidence supporting the ‘gain of function’ hypothesis is more plausible based on the research on corona viruses that has been carried out for the past decade and longer.

Within my own Green Party here in Oregon, we have members who aggressively deploy fallacious reasoning to stop any meaningful dialogue about how the government and Big Pharma are handling the pandemic. For example, I have advanced Kennedy as a noble figure for his call for investigations of coronavirus, only to have him slurred as an “anti-vaxxer,”; thus killing the message by destroying the messenger.

It appears from the silence that “progressives” and “liberals” largely accept the official story about the emergence of SARS Cov2; and many don’t want to know if there was malfeasance; the betrayal would be too hard to bear. As a result, many largely accept that there really is no other treatment option for treating a Covid infection and accept that only a vaccine can open society back up from our economic lock down.

Clearly, society is in a straight jacket; Big Pharma led by the NIAH has led the nation into a mass vaccination program by keeping other means of treatment off the table.

I stand in solidarity with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and the work of the Children’s Health Alliance because they are one of the few media sites that offer a consistently well reasoned critique of Big Pharma, its collusion with state agencies and with private philanthropies like the Bill Gates GAVI outfit. They take a decidedly libertarian, anti-state, anti-corporate-domination position, and as a result, are one of the few media institutions that actually argue for constitutional freedoms against a national security / surveillance state that is encroaching on our liberty.

Those in the left who accept the NY Times’ misinformation about zoonosis being the most likely explanation for SARS Cov2, fail to comprehend the actually plausible lab leak hypothesis; by not critiquing or questioning the official assertions, the left is standing with Big Pharma and the state agencies against government accountability and transparency. That is the wrong side to be on. Furthermore, without knowledge of how the virus entered the human community, we cannot prepare for future threats.

The better approach for everyone, would be to remain agnostic about Covid, stop judging others who question or doubt, keep an open mind and stand in solidarity with calls for congressional investigations; and let’s see what truth can be revealed.

Once malfeasance is well established by a preponderance of evidence, we can demand reparations from Big Pharma for damage done and harm caused.

Community Rights and the Rights of Nature, a noble proposition: an essay on why community rights are important and necessary in an age of ecological and social injustice.

The idea of community rights and the rights of nature proposes that local communities should have the legal capacity for self-determination on social and economic issues, and have the ability to put nature first.

In solidarity, the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, intends to “work to create new types of political organizations which expand the process of participatory democracy by directly including citizens in the decision-making process.” This ambition for “grass-roots democracy” can be achieved from an Oregon Community Rights Network constitutional amendment, which would empower the grass-roots.

The Oregon Community Rights Network is seeking from the Oregon legislature a ballot referral for a constitutional amendment that would enshrine community rights and the rights of nature in Oregon’s constitution, aka, Legalize Local Democracy. The Oregon Community Rights Network is seeking legislative sponsors to help advance this request.

Why are community rights necessary?

The short answer is community rights are necessary because the grass-roots need to be empowered. We, society and the world, are in a state of ecological and social emergency and our elected officials are constrained by law and the influence of campaign finance from doing the right thing for nature and the community. Society needs more involvement from the grass roots to help solve problems.

Empowered communities can rally members to provide local knowledge to address local needs, and solve local problems.

Ralph Nader once observed that democracy is a good problem solving process.

Community rights enable grass-roots democracy by freeing a local from state-pre-emption authority; a legal power used to constrain local communities.

Importantly, an empowered community, not limited by state preemption, could pose a challenge to the status quo of corporate dominance in economic, political and even social matters.

In theory, a constitutionally enshrined ‘community rights and rights of nature’ amendment would provide Oregonians a countervailing force to the power held by corporations and the monied interests that finance electoral campaigns and influence society. The amendment secures local decision making authority for local elected officials.

Freed from state preemption authority, a city or town empowered by a community right to self determine could innovate new policies and practices that tackle issues like living wage, local economies, gun control, rent control, and police accountability, and other objectives that enhance community well being.

Historically, power has been held by a minority of the people. In early America, those who owned land, slaves, manufacturing, and operated the banks, generally speaking, were the oligarchic elite.  They made the rules. The US Constitution established that the purpose of the US Congress was to regulate commerce.

Early on, the “Corporation” through legal / judicial maneuvering, gained the rights of personhood, among other powers, and these developments conferred huge power onto business organizations to produce profits for its shareholders, and concentrate economic power, and influence affairs in American society.

Elected officials, whose elections are financed by monied interests, are constrained to break out and do the right thing; however, an empowered community, exercising a community right has enhanced standing to challenge a toxic business practice that poisons a community.

For example, in Oregon’s coast region, local communities must contend with aerial spraying of herbicide on forest land that has severe consequences for health and well being. In Douglas, Lincoln, and Columbia Oregon, community rights proponents, see, have asserted a right not to be sprayed. Lincoln County successfully enacted a community rights local ordinance that established an aerial spraying free zone.

However, the popular vote to ban aerial spraying was overturned on the basis of preemption – the state had already given authority to the timber companies to spray poison and local communities were denied the right to protect themselves from this harm. For this reason, an amendment is necessary.

A community right recognizes the dignity of the people; it affirms the value of community knowledge to problem solve; it enables a community to engage in our democracy. However, state pre-emption authority undercuts citizen power by limiting its capacity to set policy and actualize local interest.

The Legalize Local Democracy amendment would change that by establishing a constitutional floor for community rights, and free a local community from state legal constraints that limit ‘we the people’ from arguing the rights of nature and seeking justice.

A community right that recognizes the rights of nature, would give Oregon citizens the capacity to unite over issues that extend into a bio-region, for example, that address common interest in the public well being associated with natural preservation of land, water and air.

Moreover, a claim for a right of nature to exist intact is critical in a world subject to global warming. We need all the intact nature we can conserve, and we need legal authority to hold our ground.
Given the power to exercise a community right, communities would rise to the occasion, and  galvanize around the challenges facing society; as a result, society would benefit from the collective creativity of the community to envision and develop solutions. Indeed, a civic culture around community rights could inform civics in Oregon schools, and teach the value of grass roots democracy.

As things stand, state legislatures in the US do not provide significant challenge to the property rights of corporations to mine, to process and manufacture and conduct business as they see fit, existing labor and environmental laws notwithstanding. Against this, a community right is an urgently needed countervailing force, to enable self-determination.

Community Rights and Rights of Nature are necessary because society needs for ‘we the people’ to have the capacity to act on the call to fight global warming, to preserve nature in our communities and in the world at large, and to have the power to ensure local well being.

End Impunity: let’s start a meme!

Impunity, simply put, is unchecked power; it is malfeasance that goes unpunished; it is the capacity to act without constraints, confident that there will be no consequences. It is acting wrongly without accountability. Impunity needs to be called out when we see it!

Impunity shows up as a problem on multiple levels, in numerous sectors of society. Impunity is the stuff of tyranny. Without a countervailing force to stop a tyrant, tyrants will operate without fear of getting caught, and so some commit horrible acts because they can.

When we see it, let’s make sure we highlight the problem and call it out.

The Pacific Green Party, because we value the principle of non-violence, supports the call to end impunity; we support making a rallying cry to fight against injustice with the simple call: ‘end impunity’.

Impunity shows up all across the board of social and political and economic life; from corporate domination to police brutality to an overbearing national security state to overbearing bosses to the foundations of systemic racism; the unchecked power of one over or against another.

The call to end impunity is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement’s protest of police brutality, acts carried out in impunity because police officers are given the benefit of the doubt and receive “qualified immunity’ as a barrier to judicial review.

Impunity is a defining feature of racial injustice; it is built into the fabric of society as an imprint from the early days of the American colonies when the slave society allowed owners to act with impunity in enforcing the laws of slavery. It shows up in how Native American’s have been been treated as well.

Historical acts of impunity are too long to list, but we can mention the Trail of Tears; hundreds of lynchings during Jim Crow; destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma; broken Treaties between USA and Indians; mass incarceration of people of color; economic disadvantage, and police shootings. A dominant culture can act with impunity to restrict the rights of others when judicial constraints are not applied.

Impunity shows up in social and professional life.The “me too” movement is a reaction against male impunity to commit assault.

Journalists covering human rights and endeavoring to expose collusion between government agents and criminal enterprise have been killed with impunity; assassination of journalists has been the focus of a United Nations Commission on human rights.

Corporations are free to act with impunity until the law limits their capacity, or until they are caught and malfeasance is proved in a court of law. For example, Big Tobacco was brought to justice; however, Big Oil and Big Coal energy companies remain free to conduct business without any consequences for causing global warming.

Big Oil corporate leadership knew but denied that carbon dioxide pollution would be a cause of global warming; they withheld information so they could maximize production and achieve the greatest profit. But there has been no accounting for the harm unbridled burning of fossil fuels has caused; global warming with human population growth is having a catastrophic effect on the ecology of the planet; industrial impunity has led to the loss of property due to more severe storms and a hotter fire season.

Global warming is the result of industrial nations polluting the atmosphere with impunity.
Corporations and private equity organizations misrepresent the safety of their products because they can, because there is not a substantial countervailing force to compel them to be honest and to take responsibility for the effects of pollution on the planet and the ill effects of their products on human health.

Sadly, Government agencies that should hold corporations to account do not; campaign finance enables corporations to appoint government leaders through financing electoral campaigns and affecting other financial favors, like the rotating door between government and corporations.

Most egregious, over 30,000 chemical compounds have been developed for industrial-commercial and military purposes for which there has been no oversight or controls. Chemical pollution is responsible for loss of natural life and causes cancer in humans. Another example of industrial impunity.

The First Nations were the first casualties of impunity; the European deployment of ‘guns, germs and steel’ had no countervailing force that could counter the European incursion, and today, Native Americans remind us of a time before.

But there is more!

No act of impunity can match the unbridled fury of the NAZI’s; or the class war of Pol Pot; or that the Argentine junta waged against leftists; that Pinochet waged against leftists with the help of the CIA. God Bless American GIs who fought in WWII; a noble war if there can ever be one.

Finally, the modern National Security State was formed in the crucible of World War II, made official by President Truman in 1947. Later, in his ironic farewell speech, Eisenhower warned the nation about the problem of unchecked power by a new organizational phenomenon: the Military Industrial Complex, the private sector complement to the National Security State.

Because the warning from Eisenhower went unheeded by the American public, JFK paid with his life; our country lost civil rights leaders and progressive politicians in subsequent 1960’s assassinations; MLK, RFK, and Malcom X and Fred Hampton and others. Leaders who would have listened to the people demanding an end to war, calling for world peace, and demanding social and economic and even ecological justice, were killed in a collective wave of impunity.

History was robbed of real progressive possibility because agents in power killed with impunity. There has been no accounting for the 1960’s assassinations.

In conclusion, the fact that wealth has concentrated into the hands of a relative few compared to the vast poverty of the majority, is another example of class impunity: the plutocracy does not have to account for the economic injustice of millions of Americans struggling to survive.

Impunity can be brought to heel by government agencies empowered to prosecute malfeasance; the Green Movement is about changing government so it serves the people, protects nature from industrial assault, and challenges the plutocracy and its domination of the power structure.

Meanwhile, we ask: what moves you to protest? What is the problem that gets no hearing? What problem of impunity do you want to see get justice?

Pacific Greens of Oregon invite the Progressive Movement to issue a collective call to end impunity and demand accountability where it is required so justice may be done. Ending impunity applies to all struggles for justice. It can be a rallying cry.

Join us in issuing a joint statement that challenges all forms of oppression.

Issued by the PGP Caucus on Government Transparency and Accountability.

Representative appeals to Speaker Pelosi to bar renegade Republicans.

PG News
Green Perspectives
By Chuck Fall

Representative Bill Pascrell from New Jersey is indignant that 126 House Republicans betrayed their oath to the constitution when they filed legal briefs in support of the State of Texas lawsuit that asks the US Supreme Court to intervene in the electoral processes of 4 states. The SCOTUS declined to hear the case.

The Trump campaign and the president himself have called the 2020 election a “fraud,” “stolen,” advanced multiples lawsuits in multiple states to stall the vote count, or suppress voter turnout. The president has not prevailed in any of the suits his people have filed for lack of evidence.

President Trump has nurtured and advanced a claim that he has been wronged and refuses to concede; indeed, the president has used these false claims to solicit donations and build a political war chest to spend as he sees fit in the the post-presidential chapter of his life.

Does the President believe what he says, or is his denunciation of the election just political theater? Perhaps Representative Pascrell is staging a scene to match the President’s.

Rep. Pascrell points to Amendment 14, Section 3 that makes it unconstitutional for elected representatives to seek to overthrow the government. By standing with President Trump’s claim that the election was stolen, and that President-elect Biden is not legitimate, the Representatives deny the legitimacy of the electoral process, and side with President Trump in violation of their constitutional oath, Rep. Pascrell argues.

The long serving New Jersey representative is asking Speaker Pelosi to use her authority to bar the Republican representatives from taking their seats in the House, if possible. Otherwise, he asks that she do something to hold the representatives to account for their malfeasance.

William Rivers Pitt in TruthOut writes that he doubts the Speaker will take any strong action against the Republicans; but he acknowledges that the country is being pushed toward autocracy, and the impunity of the political elites to violate the constitution will only end if strong sanctions are applied. The Pacific Greens agree.

“Looking at our democracy from the ‘broken window theory,’ of how a neighborhood deteriorates due to neglect, the failure to repair our broken civil discourse, and rickety electoral processes, will lead to deeper political alienation,” said Charles Newlin, PGP Media contact.

“The Republicans’ refusal to play by the rules, to follow electoral law, does have a corrosive effect on democracy itself,” said Newlin. “We encourage Speaker Pelosi to turn the Republican rebellion into some kind of a national teach-able moment, so the country can avoid a repeat of this kind of dangerous and irresponsible political theater in the future.”

Pointing out that the president’s lawsuits to overturn the election started with attacks on mail in ballots, and later focused on lobbying state legislators to appoint electors to override the vote, Newlin said “the Greens want to highlight the need for the president to be elected by popular vote; that would have settled the matter of who is president long ago and denied the President an opportunity to claim the election was stolen. The Congress needs to institute reforms next year.”

The Pacific Green Party recognizes the importance of the democratic reforms developed by the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship in the report “Our Common Purpose;” chiefly is the call to implement campaign finance reforms, and most significantly, implement Ranked Choice Voting for selecting our elected representatives, two reforms the Greens support strongly.



What just happened at the Capitol.

January 13, 2021
Progressive Green News
By Chuck Fall

There really has been some kind of insurrection by Trump followers, but it is emerging that the invasion by a mob into the Capitol was not a spontaneous event either; it was planned for, but as far as any insurrection goes, the one on the Capitol was clumsy and fumbled. I scratch my head and try to make sense of it.

It appears Mr. Trump really believed that he could throw the election and hold onto the presidency; but he didn’t think it through, or consider all the angles; it was a terrible idea based on a terrible plan; he acted on his narcissistic impulse to not be a loser, maybe this is why the insurrection failed.

If we accept the President’s own rhetoric, then the purpose of the march to the Capitol from his rally at the Ellipse, was to ‘stop the steal,’ and to interrupt the certification of the Electoral College results. The mob only disrupted and delayed the constitutional step of certifying the electoral college count.

Evidently, Pence communicated to President Trump that he wouldn’t not certify. Vice-president Pence wouldn’t play his part. Pence was the weak link in a plan to ‘stop the steal’ and for Trump and his Republican followers to keep Trump in office.

It is hard to imagine how Trump could have made the insurrection succeed, but he believed he had the support of enough Republican Party members that he could prevail; but it required a mob and complicity from others to enable insurrection.

The most obvious and glaring example of complicity in the insurrection is the decision to not deploy National Guard units around the Capitol; it would provide a bad “optic,’ the Department of Defense official is reported to have said in a Washington Post article. Someone in Defense declined the request to have Guard units at the ready.

The Washington Post reported that the Mayor of Washington D.C. requested National Guard troops be deployed as reinforcements of the Capitol building; she asked for this on January 5th. Department of Defense wouldn’t commit, or deflected the request and postponed a decision til after 4pm on January 6th, after rioters had left the building.

The dithering is a tell; it shows interference in what should have been a “best security” practice. Even President Trump is reported to have been involved in discussions with Department of Defense about the “optics” of deploying National Guard troops around the Capitol, and has “seemingly” influenced the decision to not deploy National Guard troops on the morning of January 6th. This definitely needs to be investigated, and heads need to role at the Department of Defense for declining the Mayor’s request for immediate deployment.

Though the Capitol Police put up a fight, it wasn’t enough, there was obvious deference given to Trump’s followers contrasted with the way Black Lives Matter protesters were treated by police agencies over the Summer. This nod to white privilege shows how deep racist feelings run. Many in the police see the Trump followers as their people, unlike how many police view the BLM protester.

The protestors were from the hard right, and they really wanted to hurt someone it seems, given the zip ties, the “hang Mike Pence” chant, the searching for Speaker Pelosi, and violent attack on a Capitol police officer.

Among the mob who broke into the Capitol were military veterans, off-duty police, elected officials, professionals, people from all stripes of life, but mostly made up of alienated white people. Many if not most, largely embrace the Qanon message that Trump is a hero and great for America. And the Qanon mindset has caused a real break with reality.

One critic of the Qanon program, an expert in manufacturing of computer gaming, notices that the Qanon narrative matches with computer game story lines, showing how the Qanon is not an “organic” individual but is an algorithm, a machine created, narrative.

Computer game technology has enabled ‘Qanon,’ or those behind Qanon, to capture the imagination of Trump followers. Qanon game format let’s followers participate with guess work and imagination, and plays on them so they feel engaged and included in something they feel is real.

The critic speculates that Qanon could be a project of a national government, or run by people close to Trump that are well financed; the Qanon effort requires considerable expertise and money to sustain.

As a result people who follow Qanon do suffer from a form of delusion because they have bought into a “game theory” story line invented by a technocrat in some section of the deep state. An ironic situation given the Qanon claim that Trump is fighting the Deep State, which he may well be, but not for a virtuous reason.

Members of Congress are demanding a full investigation. There is evidence of a conspiracy to withhold National Guard units til after the event; investigators need to look into the failure to act on the intelligence that suggested plans to disrupt the Congress.

Since the Washington Post reported on the Department of Defense refusal to act on the January 5th request for troops, there has been scant follow up on this thread. Some are calling the Capitol riot an orchestrated event that involved the complicity of groups from the Capitol police, to Department of Defense officials, all of whom supported efforts to weaken Capitol defenses, so the mob could enter and interrupt the official receipt of the Electoral College vote.

Democrat members of the House now allege some of their Republican counterparts were seen giving tours of the Capitol to individuals who would return the next day as a member of the mob.

On the face of the evidence, it appears that Trump followers in the Department of Defense, the national legislature, state legislatures, police departments and across the military, supported efforts to throw the election to Trump. Elements within all of these agencies participated in the the action to interrupt the final official act to formally recognize Biden, short of the inauguration.

It remains to be seen how this all plays out; but I am not going to assume that the full story will ever be revealed. Will investigations reveal the full scope of the planning, and identify those who participated in the planning? I am not holding my breath, but will always call for the truth.

I also look forward to the constitutional exercise of the 14th amendment, Section 3, applied to insurrection. this will be interesting to see if anything comes of claims against Republican elected officials.

Sadly, Trump followers have been drinking the President’s narrative that the election was stolen. The problem is the evidence for this is not present. Claiming Trump won more votes than Biden doesn’t stand up to scrutiny; State election officials have all certified the electoral votes for their state; to suggest that 52 states committed fraud, or even that only a few states committed fraud, needs to be demonstrated with evidence and Trump could not do that.

Trump followers need to repent for their sin of accepting lies from a demagogue, and acting on that information to try to keep Trump in office.

But to be fair to Trump followers, or anyone who questions the results of the elections; there is a long history of electoral theft, that is true. One thing that should be demanded by the Democrats and Republicans is for a national voting policy and electoral reforms. We need in all states a vote by paper ballot method, high security electronic counting, regular audits to ensure accuracy, and the implementation of campaign finance reform as well as Ranked Choice Voting to enhance voter choice.

JFK and the Unspeakable: a book review

JFK and the Unspeakable: why he died and why it matters: by James W. Douglass (2008):

Why should we care about knowing the truth about JFK’s assassination?

A poll that got a headline on Yahoo News reports that 75% of those polled do not believe the official criminal theory that JFK’s assassination was the work of a lone gunman: namely, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Significantly, only 25% of Americans believe the Warren Commission report, a vast 8 volume set that rationalizes Arlen Specter’s famous single bullet, single gunman ‘anti-conspiracy-theory’ theory.

Shouldn’t this collective doubt alone be grounds for a new, transparent investigation of JFK’s assassination?

In JFK and the Unspeakable: why he died and why it matters (2008), author James W. Douglas avails himself of the most recent revelations of the plot to kill Kennedy and provides one of the most plausible explanations for JFK’s assassination. The unspeakable is the suggestion that agents of the American security state establishment; namely, the CIA and the FBI, and the Secret Service killed the president.

While Douglas does not build a definitive criminal case (beyond a reasonable doubt), for the conspirators in JFK’s murder, this book definitely shows by a a preponderance of evidence that government agents were negligent in JFK’s death.

After reading this book, the reader is left with a preposterous but plausible explanation for Kennedy’s assassination. Essentially, the author puzzles out a motive and cover-up by government actors to show how Kennedy threatened the growth and development and policy objectives of what Eisenhower famously warned about: the danger of the military / industrial complex to American democracy.

Douglas’s analysis paints President Kennedy’s assassination as a result of Kennedy’s failure to stay on course with the national security state leaders, then led by Allen Dulles; Dulles was fired by Kennedy but was later brought back into government to act as an executive director of the Warren Commission and oversee the crafting of the Warren Commission report.

Kennedy, Douglas shows, embraced the possibility of peace in the world and sought to scale back, or temper the Cold War fever endemic among the Chiefs of Staff, the CIA and FBI.

The notion that Kennedy was a friend of the peace movement is not how he is most often portrayed; instead, though heralded as from “Camelot”, he is often portrayed as a hawk and as the one responsible for getting us into the Vietnam War.

To re-brand Kennedy as a peace president, Douglas opens his analysis with a discussion of Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk and peace advocate who was in correspondence with members of the American elite about pursuing peace given the development of the nuclear bomb and its horrible implications.

The author provides a meticulous review of events in a multiple time frame structure, but uses Merton’s call for peace as a backdrop of Kennedy’s intellectual milieu. Kennedy personally experienced the horror of war, but as president stood on the brink of nuclear annihilation and had to balance his personal views with a military establishment pushing for a first nuclear strike against Russia that would lead to millions of people dying on both sides.

One poignant take away from this revision of the Kennedy presidency as one orienting toward “not war,” is that Kennedy’s assassination then put policy on a certain “yes war” path. His death robbed the country of an alternative historical trajectory that could have put the United States on a less bellicose course than was carried out in the Vietnam War and has followed the 9/11 attacks.

Kennedy wanted to avoid nuclear war, and he saw the possibility of peace as the logical path to follow. To this end, Kennedy sought private channels for talks with Kruschev and Fidel Castro because he didn’t trust the establishment staff; to further alienate the war hawks, Kennedy sought to negotiate settlements with nationalist leaders from post-colonial countries versus waging covert war against communist opponents as was the practice.

Douglas shows how Kennedy’s experience in war tempered his attitude about it, and how his intellectual life enabled him to appreciate the absolute horror a nuclear war conjured up, but these dispositions destined him to be at odds with his State Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA, and even the Secret Service. Horrible and preposterous as this sounds, the President was betrayed by his own people.

JFK and the Unspeakable dishes up a number of eye-popping revelations that plausibly review the complicated plot that brought down the president. The total truth cannot ever be known because most of the perpetrators have died of old age and taken the truth to the grave. However, the author provides a virtual indictment of key individuals across multiple departments of government that makes a solid case for a government conspiracy to kill the president, and cover up the plot.

Douglas provides extensive footnotes to document his review of motives for and the events preceding and following the assassination.

But what is the reader to do with a book that takes you to the edge of the moral abyss and exposes you to an unspeakable horror, the same horror that reared its ugly head in the 9/11 attacks? And why does JFK’s death matter?

The author hopes a peace movement might develop that picks up where Kennedy left off in 1963. Indeed, foundational to the premise of JFK and the Unspeakable is a speech Kennedy gave to the graduating class at the American University in which he calls for peace, nuclear disarmament, respect for national movements in post-colonial countries, and unilaterally announces that the U.S. would cease atmospheric testing of hydrogen bombs (up to which time the U.S. had exploded 70 in the south pacific).

This speech shows Kennedy’s peace credentials, but also highlights the collision course he was on with agents of the national security state.

To honor Kennedy and get justice for his assassination, a peace movement must demand accountability of the government with an independent and transparent investigatory commission that would have access to all relevant information to reveal the truth about JFK’s murder, and the events of 9/11.

In writing this book about JFK, Douglas quietly invokes Ghandi’s non-violent call for a revolution that would build a world at peace, and by implication, drive governments to marshal all necessary resources to repair the earth and affirm the dignity of human-kind as eco-stewards of the earth; this vision, antithetical to the objectives and interests of the military / industrial complex, lies at the heart of understanding JFK.