A shout out to RFK Jr. and the silent left.

I’m fresh from watching a podcast between Robert F. Kennedy Jr., principal at Children’s Health Defense, and Naomi Wolff, a journalist friendly to Kennedy’s point of view. . This blog post is a shout out to them.

The podcast was mostly the two of them ranting and lamenting, but offering serious discourse on the state of mind of the political left in Covid 19 America. I couldn’t find the link to the podcase when I went back to the CHD website looking to bookmark. It was a very informal conversation, but really a rant from RFK, Jr., which was ok. He is entitled to rant; he was bemoaning the silence of the left.

For those unaware, Kennedy has considerable history as a litigator, handling grievances from families and individuals who claim to have been injured from a vaccine. And he has won a share of cases in Vaccine Court, where injury cases are disputed.

Most recently, Kennedy was ‘de-platformed’ from one of the big social media accounts because he posted skeptical messages that challenge the mainstream media and official narratives about what is going on around the SARS Cov2 virus. The media from which RFK Jr. was de-platformed said he made false claims about the vaccines; this attack on his character was amplified by The NY Times article disparaging Kennedy as an ‘anti-vaxxer.’

However, as a measure of Kennedy’s bi-partisanship, Children’s Health Defense web page featured a headline asking followers to petition their representatives in Congress and the Senate to support HR 834, a bill sponsored by Republican Representative Bill Posey from Florida; it is a call for investigations, perhaps initiated by this letter from CHD.

It is unclear if there is any Democratic Party support for the measure, but certainly Green Party USA should support this bill, and build a bridge with the right.

Wolf and Kennedy lament the absence of any concerted critique of the Covid lockdown from traditional left sources. Indeed, the left are largely silent on Covid skepticism and accept the official narrative that there is nothing nefarious or untoward going on around the Covid 19 epidemic.

See this article for a plausible hypothesis for an engineered virus suing gain of function technology. https://www.minervanett.no/files/2020/07/13/TheEvidenceNoNaturalEvol.pdf

On the podcast, Naomi W. characterized herself and Kennedy as “liberals,” but they are really ‘libertarian’ leftists willing to look critically at the information, and willing to challenge the mainstream narrative asserted by the authorities.

Their discussion highlighted what drives much of the skepticism of the Covid pandemic; problem of domination by Big Pharma; and they discussed the sad silence of the left, and the alienation from friends and family unwilling to dialogue, stuck on the official narrative, uncritical of claims of malfeasance.

They discussed the problem of Big Pharma and its collusion with the national “health” agencies like the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease. Kennedy questioned the assumption of power by Bill Gates’ through his GAVI institute, all because he could, by seeding his philanthropy, he insinuated himself into the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and presents himself as the expert, asserting “everyone will get the vaccine” and a “vaccine passport” will be necessary to travel, boasting another time how much money that could be made from selling shots. Such an assertion should get the attention of the best civil libertarians.

And underneath all of this is the role patents and big money play as drivers in research and development. Now, Big Pharma is poised to experience the largest infusion of revenue from vaccines and testing, never seen before.

Another reason for skepticism is the extensive involvement of the US Pentagon in research and development of dangerous pathogens through Gain of Function technology that involves colluding with Big Pharma and NIAH. This kind of research involves level 3 and 4 ‘Bio-Safety’ lab testing facilities, an ironic term given the numbers of documented lab leaks that have occurred over the past years from them. Read Richard Ebright interview.

But the mainstream media do not highlight this aspect of the problem, nor provide any significant history and back story for the development of corona virus research. From the left, there is minimal journalistic investigation of the conflicts of interests that run rampant and are evidence of extensive corruption (all of this routinely covered in CHD media platform). See this conflict of interest news story about Peter Daszak, principal for the Eco Health Alliance, a liaison between US government agencies, including the Pentagon, and Chinese laboratories.

Democracy Now! hosted by Amy Goodman interviewed Daszak at the onset of the covid outbreak but asked no questions that challenged his credibility or questioned the extensive back story of corona virus gain of function. And, Daszak continues to be the lead apologist for the zoonosis theory of SARS Cov2 entering the human population but offers no credible citations for how this occurred. This article poses a plausible explanation for gain of function technology in the SARS Cov2 virus.

The rightwing media obfuscates by not going for the whole story, and especially, not raising questions about the long patent trail that runs through NIAH, CDC, and Big Pharma. If the ‘follow the money’ axiom has any currency, it is necessary for understanding how society is being manipulated by the Covid 19 ‘pandemic.’ See the Fauci / Covid 19 Dossier for an expose on this matter.

Progressive media produces misinformation. For an example of a hit job, there is the previously mentioned NY Times hit on Kennedy, but here is a link to The Daily Kos, ostensibly a “progressive” media, devoted an article to discredit Dr. Redfield, Trump’s appointment to the Centers for Disease Control, who opines that the virus leaked from a lag. The point of this piece is to reason fallaciously about the lab hypothesis and discredit the hypothesis.

Never in the article does the Daily Kos author mention or give credence to the hypothesis of a lab leak; instead it reasserts without evidence what the NY Times, Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance, and even leaders within my own Oregon Green Party claim; that SARS Cov2 emerged “naturally” into the human population through zoonosis. But more evidence supporting the ‘gain of function’ hypothesis is more plausible based on the research on corona viruses that has been carried out for the past decade and longer.

Within my own Green Party here in Oregon, we have members who aggressively deploy fallacious reasoning to stop any meaningful dialogue about how the government and Big Pharma are handling the pandemic. For example, I have advanced Kennedy as a noble figure for his call for investigations of coronavirus, only to have him slurred as an “anti-vaxxer,”; thus killing the message by destroying the messenger.

It appears from the silence that “progressives” and “liberals” largely accept the official story about the emergence of SARS Cov2; and many don’t want to know if there was malfeasance; the betrayal would be too hard to bear. As a result, many largely accept that there really is no other treatment option for treating a Covid infection and accept that only a vaccine can open society back up from our economic lock down.

Clearly, society is in a straight jacket; Big Pharma led by the NIAH has led the nation into a mass vaccination program by keeping other means of treatment off the table.

I stand in solidarity with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and the work of the Children’s Health Alliance because they are one of the few media sites that offer a consistently well reasoned critique of Big Pharma, its collusion with state agencies and with private philanthropies like the Bill Gates GAVI outfit. They take a decidedly libertarian, anti-state, anti-corporate-domination position, and as a result, are one of the few media institutions that actually argue for constitutional freedoms against a national security / surveillance state that is encroaching on our liberty.

Those in the left who accept the NY Times’ misinformation about zoonosis being the most likely explanation for SARS Cov2, fail to comprehend the actually plausible lab leak hypothesis; by not critiquing or questioning the official assertions, the left is standing with Big Pharma and the state agencies against government accountability and transparency. That is the wrong side to be on. Furthermore, without knowledge of how the virus entered the human community, we cannot prepare for future threats.

The better approach for everyone, would be to remain agnostic about Covid, stop judging others who question or doubt, keep an open mind and stand in solidarity with calls for congressional investigations; and let’s see what truth can be revealed.

Once malfeasance is well established by a preponderance of evidence, we can demand reparations from Big Pharma for damage done and harm caused.

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