End Impunity: let’s start a meme!

Impunity, simply put, is unchecked power; it is malfeasance that goes unpunished; it is the capacity to act without constraints, confident that there will be no consequences. It is acting wrongly without accountability. Impunity needs to be called out when we see it! Impunity shows up as a problem on multiple levels, in numerous sectorsContinue reading “End Impunity: let’s start a meme!”

Build endowment for journalism from Khashoggi justice fund.

The Honorable Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley,  January 22, 2019 Dear Senators, You have received my call that an endowment to journalism be made by a $1 billion dollar penalty assessed against the Saudi government on behalf of Jamal Khashoggi. Thank your for your reply. Please see this call for Justice for Kashoggi: https://truthtopowerpdx.wixsite.com/justiceforkhashoggi PleaseContinue reading “Build endowment for journalism from Khashoggi justice fund.”