Declaration of State Crimes; form a Caucus on Government Accountability

Green Party US: Declaration of a Resolution to name the 1960’s assassinations and the September 11, 2001 attacks as “state crimes against democracy.” and to establish a Caucus on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistle Blower Protection to advance the cause of justice and accountability.

Whereas the Green Party USA platform calls for investigations of the September 11, 2001; and calls for the “end [of] the abuse of National Security Letters,”

Whereas this indicates that the official 9/11 Commission investigation is a false narrative; indeed, subsequent research and evidence demonstrate by a preponderance of evidence from credible sources that the 9/11 Commission covered up the crimes by reporting a false narrative. The cover up is a de facto state crime against our democracy.

This is a Resolution declaring the 1960’s assassinations and the 9/11 events state crimes against democracy (SCAD) perpetrated by elements of the national security state, inside and outside of government.

Our declaration is based on two levels of evidentiary consideration, one the criminal and the other civil level. The cover up, or failure to investigate and prosecute pursuant to normal police procedures, implicates the state in a crime against democracy and is beyond a reasonable doubt evidence of a crime: the failure to investigate and prosecute.

All investigations were corrupted by a lack of transparency and independence to set scope of the inquiry, and scientific, third party review.

The state deployed patsies to disguise the real conspiracy. Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan, were covers for state crimes against against leaders who were a revolutionary threat to the status quo. However, had John, Malcolm, Martin and Robert lived, the course of history would have altered radically, and we are certain we would have had fewer wars, and more would be accomplished around mitigating global warming and limiting the power of the metro / chemical industry and its military industrial associates.

Looking at the 1960’s assassinations and the 9/11 events through a civil lens of evidence, the facts of the cover up, and the facts of the assassinations themselves, tilt the scales toward a guilty verdict of a willful and wanton tort, conducted by by state actors.

We the people of the Green Party US find by reason of a preponderance of evidence provided by credible sources that unaccountable employees and contractors of the federal government CIA, Secret Service, FBI, Military Intelligence, and Joint Chiefs of Staff, have all at various times participated in and committed crimes against American democracy and should be considered traitors.

Therefore, we call on the US Congress to convene and hold open and public hearings on these allegations and use their subpoena power to compel testimony and bring surviving conspirators to testify, or let them invoke their 5th amendment rights.

Meanwhile, Congress should commission a Truth, Justice and Reparations Commission to simultaneously engage in multiple commissions to uncover government malfeasance so it can be accounted for and the historical record made clear, and financial penalties assessed against individuals and businesses.

History and the possibility for a more peaceful world was undone by the assassinations; had they all survived and lived a fruitful life, America and the world would be different. instead we inherit what Michael Parenti called the ‘gangster state.’

In closing; we resolve that Greens USA will remain vigilant toward achieving justice on this matter, and press for accountability. Greens shall have a standing Caucus on Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistle Blower Protection to press for justice and monitor malfeasance and overreach of State agencies engaged in collusion with Military Industrial, Big Pharma, Big Bankers Complex.

Published by chuckfall

Hi, my name is Chuck and I am blogging because I want to speak my truth as I see it, and make a case for changing society. I am a political animal in the classical meaning of the word; I engage in my community as an activist citizen and endeavor to influence policies that can make a difference around making society more fair, just, and ecological. I write about truth, justice, ecology, and promote transforming society so we can have a better future. I offer a dissident view of the world affairs and believe ‘we the people’ have lost control of our destiny and capacity to influence the course our society takes. We need to unite in common cause and with common values for truth, accountability, and justice. My call is for transforming society by developing a popular demand for change. I support the Green Movement and encourage citizens to register in the Green Party, form an activist cell, and fight for change. Choose your battle. My battle is to force a reckoning around…welcome to my essays, calls to action, and other left, green perspectives.

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