Greens Declare ecological and social emergency: global warming is real; time to start the 2024 presidential run.

Ecological Wisdom informs this call to declare a global ecological and social emergency.

Declaration of Emergency: Greens declare that the heat domes over the western United States and Canada are incontrovertible evidence that human caused global warming is real and is destroying the earth’s natural ecology and threatens human communities’ capacity to survive. The danger of loss of arable land, loss of natural water supplies, and the general upending of ‘normal’ weather patterns, makes global warming denialism a sick joke. But, it also shows that the current leadership has not only failed but been willfully negligent in allowing development of global warming to occur.

The dangers of unbridled use of Fossil Fuels has been known for a long time; Exxon / Mobile knew as far back as 1970’s that the over use of fossil fuels would generate carbon dioxide waste and that this would heat up the planet with green house gases. The Exxon study was kept secret from the public, but would have been known by American national security agencies, who failed to act on behalf of the ‘general welfare,’ as prescribed in the constitution.

Furthermore, toward the end of 1980’s, James Hansen, a Goddard Laboratory scientist provided irrefutable evidence of the problem with over use of fossil fuels. He showed that it would increase green house gas and produce inevitable warming. But his study was shelved and denied a public hearing.

That Congress failed to exercise its constitutional oath to look out for the ‘general welfare,’ shows an abdication of duty; indeed, the failure to halt global warming is a dereliction of duty. Both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, are to blame for failing to curb the power and influence of the Petro-Chemical Industry, and its allies in the military industrial complex, and in the executive branches of government and in the halls of Congress.

In this Green Declaration of Emergency, Green Party US [state green party] is also [calls for ] launching [the Green Party ] its 2024 Presidential campaign even though a presidential champion may not not be nominated til June 2024.

We the people in the Green Movement will use the Declaration of Emergency as the backdrop for our claim that the Country and the International Community would be better served by Greens in power because we have a plan for changing society in our Key Values and Platform positions and other resolutions. We are future focused and know what will put human society in balance with nature.

The terrible fate of global warming caused by the willful misconduct of government and corporate leadership needs to be addressed by a Green Revolution.

In the course of this Declaration of Emergency, Greens further declare that we will launch a Shadow Cabinet, as a campaign support to the presidential run, to pose challenges to the duopoly power structure while simultaneously building ballot access in states across the country; the Green stand for justice and restoring earth’s ecology will empower our State Party leaders to engage with strong Senatorial Candidate nominees for Federal office. who will be necessary political support for the Green President.

Greens call for an electoral revolution and invite members of the Republican Party, Democratic Party, and unaffiliated voters to align with the Green Party and join us in fighting for the changes we needed to make 50 years ago, even a 100 years ago.

Join the Green Party; help get ballot access in your states; support the movement to secure the ‘general welfare’ by standing for a Declaration of Emergency that demands change Now!

Solving the problem of 150 years of industrialization will take a Herculean effort. So much effluence has decimated the the threads in the Web of Life that we are witnessing a Sixth Extinction event involving a vast loss of biological diversity. This must be addressed.

We are in a state of ecological emergency that requires a bold response. Humans are multiple billions strong; and in the spirit of ‘all hands on deck’ and acting on the famous credo, ‘from each according to his / her abilities, l to each according to his / her needs,’ we the people can take a stand and fight for what is right.

Greens call for solidarity around righting historic wrongs and correcting the over-reach of hubris and greed. Join the Green Movement.

If we put Ecology before economy we can restore the web of life, and all human societies win.
Revolution Now! Go For 2024!

Published by chuckfall

Hi, my name is Chuck and I am blogging because I want to speak my truth as I see it, and make a case for changing society. I am a political animal in the classical meaning of the word; I engage in my community as an activist citizen and endeavor to influence policies that can make a difference around making society more fair, just, and ecological. I write about truth, justice, ecology, and promote transforming society so we can have a better future. I offer a dissident view of the world affairs and believe ‘we the people’ have lost control of our destiny and capacity to influence the course our society takes. We need to unite in common cause and with common values for truth, accountability, and justice. My call is for transforming society by developing a popular demand for change. I support the Green Movement and encourage citizens to register in the Green Party, form an activist cell, and fight for change. Choose your battle. My battle is to force a reckoning around…welcome to my essays, calls to action, and other left, green perspectives.

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