Greens call for non-vaccine Covid Treatment options, investigations, end to corruption

From: Greens for Government Accountability
To:   GP US National Committee
Regarding: Request that GPUS National Committee issue a resolution about SARS Cov2 outbreak called Covid 19. We propose the following:

To Preface:

GP US stands on principles of ecological wisdom which inform our value for choice of medicine and natural means of sustaining a robust immune system; and GP US stands on principles of non-violence which holds that state power is subordinate to individual choice around matters personal and communal and should not coerce citizens into actions they find immoral or unwarranted or even unconstitutional; and GP US stands on social justice which informs our sensibility for equitable and just access to medical choice be it allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic or other medical options that enable healing to occur. Finally, Green Party US values grass roots democracy, which if empowered would enable the collective wisdom of the people to inform the national decision making.

In the matter of the national response to alleged Covid 19 outbreak, We Greens for Gvernment Accountability call for the following policy provisions, and actions from the US Government:

Whereas, the government bungled the epidemiological response, evidenced by the number of fatalities associated with a virus, and the failure to contain the disease as was accomplished by Taiwan early in the outbreak on the island. Instead the government built up fear about the dangers of respiratory failure and the need for hospitals to stock up on ventilators, The government provided billions of dollars to Big Pharma to build out the PCR test, and to  jump start a mass vaccination program.

Whereas, based on the failure to advance alternative treatment protocols, it appears the Food and Drug Administration, the Center for Disease Control, the  National Institute for Allergy and Infection Diseases, and elements within the Executive Branch of the USA government, have all conspired with Big Pharma to force a new generation of experimental vaccines on an unsuspecting American Public, and not provide a non-vaccine alternative treatment.

Whereas, since January 2020, the response from the Federal government  to the alleged Covid outbreak has been focused mostly on financing the production of vaccines. There has been no effort to produce non-vaccine pharmacological protocols. This decision has deprived front line doctors with treatment protocols that could keep patients out of the hospital.

Whereas, the Covid 19 national response has has been conducted under a national security mandate, which enshrouds decision making behind a veil of secrecy that denies Congress, and the people, the capacity to conduct oversight.

Whereas, in the fog of a war against a virus, transparency is essential to protect the general welfare. However, Big Pharma received emergency use for vaccines, which some claim was done fraudulently by misrepresenting the Covid threat by inflating the number of cases through a faulty PCR test, set at an unduly high threshold cycle level, not warranted by the science.

Whereas, the Green Party US recognizes the inherent conflict of interest built into the private sector and public sector relationships within government agencies and business organizations, and through campaign financing of elected leaders. These conflicts of interest violats our value for social justice and grass roots democracy, and the history of malfeasance breeds distrust and skepticism within the general population and provides reasonable grounds for vaccine hesitancy.

Whereas, the national response to the Covid 19 outbreak has been conducted by a collection of government agencies, namely, the FDA, the CDC, the NIAID and others, which have reportedly corrupt ties to Big Pharma. A long list of corona virus patents speak to the history and financial interests of the parties involved.

Whereas, emergency use provisions have been withheld or denied for non-vaccine methods of treating Covid infections. This failure to provide medical options raises questions about conflicts of interest by Government Agencies relative to Big Pharma and suggest a conspiracy to sell jabs over advancing alternative, non-invasive pharmacological protocols. The Government has done nothing to support the development of non-vaccine treatment protocols that could keep a worst cases off the ventilator and  avoid serious injury or death.

Whereas, the FDA has not approved vaccines (only issued Emergency use Authorization), and the trial for actual approval continues until 2023, means those receiving the vaccine cannot be fully informed pending the results of the experiment. The unwillingness by some to accept vaccines has merit. The secrecy of the drug companies, and failure to show the raw data of Stages 1, 2 and 3, of initial trials of vaccines, precludes informed consent, a requirement for dispensing risky medicine.

Whereas, the government plan is to mass vaccinate the country, essentially imposing a mass experiment on the country, cannot be implemented because 30% of the country are refusing to take the shot.

Whereas, the Emergency Use Authorization did not provide for a ‘control group’ to compare to vaccinated groups as far as we know; therefore, those refusing the vaccine are ‘defacto’ the control group, and should be treated with respect and made into a ‘pariah’ class of the unvaccinated.

Whereas, experts cite research findings that show Big Pharma cannot be trusted to issue accurate studies on medical claims for new technologies, and conclude claims about vaccine efficacy and safety must be treated with skepticism.

Whereas, recent numbers from the CDC Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting system show more than 3000 deaths associated with Covid 19 vaccines, an increase in fatal adverse reactions from a ten year period preceding this finding. An individual’s right to not to participate in an experimental program associated with fatal reactions must be respected.

Whereas, non-vaccine treatment protocols for the Covid 19 infection need to be developed since a New York Times report finds that a sizable 30% of adult population will not agree to be vaccinated; as a result, the national plan to reach “herd immunity” from vaccines, will not occur.

Whereas, the Federal Drug Administration has given no priority to advancing protocols for building robust immune systems as a front line defense against viral infections; this shows the FDA is putting vaccines over other treatment options in violation of its duty to serve the public trust.

Whereas, it appears as though the Food and Drug Administration is working to prevent the use of Ivermectin, proven to quell worst case Covid 19 symptoms.

Whereas, never before in modern medicine has it been a practice to diagnose an individual with a disease and provide no pharmacological protocol for managing said illness; yet that is what is occurring with the Covid outbreak.

Whereas, the PCR test has been challenged as a faulty method of testing. Tthough the PCR test enables the identification of genetic material, it has been utilized to make a medical diagnosis without clinical findings of an illness. This same PCR test creates ‘false positives’ due to the high (35-40) threshold cycles setting; however, testing at a lower 15 cycle threshold would more accurately provide evidence for an actual infection. But this isn’t the cycle threshold that has been used through out the outbreak.

Whereas, ordering symptomatic patients to quarantine without a treatment protocol, enables worst cases to develop. Not offering a pharmacological protocol goes against the medical ethics. The lack of a treatment protocol has evidently lead to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Therefore; we call for the following:

Enact a Medicare for All healthcare system to assure prevention and early treatment along with paid sick leave and a universal basic income to allow and to encourage those with symptoms to quarantine and “lockdown” as required by government protocols, without suffering economic hardship.

Stop vaccine mandates. Stop private and public employers, school districts, colleges and universities from mandating the vaccine since it is only authorized under an emergency use and making an informed consent around the risk cannot be made as it is experimental. Informed consent may be possible when the investigation is concluded in 2023, and the results of the trial have been peer reviewed in an open and transparent setting.

Do not extend Emergency Use authorization to children and pregnant women. Stop approval for Big Pharma (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and others) from extending emergency use to groups not included in Stage 3 trial that evaluated the initial safety of the vaccine.

Free Doctors to practicing medicine. Demand that the Food and Drug Administration give emergency / investigational use for anti-viral cocktails, minerals and other vitamin supplements that treating physicians have found have demonstrated efficacy  for treating the Covid 19 infection. This would include Ivermectin and other compounds.

Support medical / health freedom by providing options for Covid 19 treatments. Enable, support, and advance efforts to re-purpose existing generic pharmacological agents that prove efficacious for treating Covid 19 infections. Catalogue all that has already been accomplished on this front, and continue the research.

Support development of non-invasive treatments like the nebulized nitrous oxide compound, for example, that would obviate the need for experimental vaccines, which put people at risk for an adverse reaction and other complications.

Demand open and public hearings from the Congress.

Call for Congressional hearings to compel testimony from Big Pharma, CDC, NIAIH and Eco Health Alliance officials, on claims of fraud and other malfeasance concerning the inaccurate reporting of the PCR test based on high threshold cycles which bear false positives; on the fraud committed against the Hydroxy cocktail; on failure to provide emergency use of anti-viral / anti-parasitic medicines like Ivermectin and other compounds; investigate failure to control the pandemic even when citizen / scientists issued warning of the disease; investigate the claim a ‘gain of function’ engineered virus as the source of the alleged covid 19 outbreak so that future outbreaks may be avoided or more quickly recognized when they occur; investigate the reason President Trump declared the Covid 19 outbreak a national security matter and failed to treat the threat following normal  epidemiological steps; investigate the patent trail on corona virus technology to determine if motive for financial gain has colored decision making on the Covid outbreak; finally investigate for any and all malfeasance as can reasonably be determined.

Demand transparency and a full accounting from Pfizer, Moderna, and J and J for the findings of he investigational use of vaccines ending in 2023. Demand full access to findings of vaccine investigation.

Conduct an audit of the CDC Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting system to evaluate its accuracy and effectiveness.

Call for investigations to determine the accuracy of reports that almost zero cases of influenza occurred during Covid outbreak in order to rule out that Covid 19 deaths haven’t been mis-identified.

Demand Congress shut down all Bio Safety Level 3 and 4, laboratories conducting dangerous gain of function experiments as these buildings have been associated with lab leaks and viral outbreaks.

The National Committee of the GPUS resolves to update this call for action on the Covid 19 outbreak on an as needed basis.

Appendix of sources:

This article reports national security lid put on CDC. And : this article makes claim not all will take the vaccine.

This article argues that PCR test manufacturers evidence of SARS Cov2 that is unreliable: : this article shows the value of Ivermectin and cites findings of interference from the FDA to advance Ivermectin as a sound treatment option.
: this artticle cites a Finnish company that has a nasal spray that is ready for emergency use authorization; spray washes away high viral load. : this article points out kids don’t need the vaccine if the adults have been vaxxed. : this article cites fatalities associated with vaccine from VAERS.
: alleges CDC misrepresents nature of Covid 19 infections. : this article highlights a doctor in Houston who uses a cocktail of steroids, ascorbic acid, and anti-coagulants, is the protocol developed. shows protocol this group of doctors developed to treat Covid infections, but was not embraced by the FDA, CDC or other federal agency.
: Dr. Peter McCullough discusses his experience as a doctor using Hydroxy cocktail. : this site links to Dr. Martin’s indictment of Anthony Fauci and his back ground in Corona virus research and ownership of patents and his natural conflict of interest.

Dr. Cole explains the value of Vitamin D. magnesium, zinc and Ivermectin, to treat Covid 19. : Interview with Dr. Richard Fleming who conducted research with a variety of anti-viral protocols to test for efficacy in treating Covid infections early in the outbreak. Found a couple of different protocols effective.

After the Obama administration ordered “gain of function” technology to stop in American based labs in 2014 because dangerous safety protocols were violated, Anthony Fauci arranged for the research to be moved from North Carolina to the Virology Lab in Wuhan, China and paid for the research on SARS coronavirus involving ‘gain of function’ technology. Mr. Fauci is aware of the research being conducted on coronaviruses in the lead up to the SARS Cov2 outbreak. We call for an investigation into the network of contracts and laboratory research being done that involves dangerous pathogens. This article disputes absolutist claims from Peter Dsak of Eco HeaLTH that SARS Cov2 is “absoplutely not a lab leak…”

This article disputes absolutist claims from Peter Dazak of Eco HeaLTH that SARS Cov2 is “absolutely not a lab leak…”

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