Greens declare ecological and social emergency; launch 2024 presidential run!

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*this post is aspirational, hopeful that GP US media would promote media, and adopt a long term campaign along the lines posted below.

The Green Party US rallied behind a declaration of ecological and social emergency after two heat domes settled over the North West and Western U.S. On the Canadian coastline, over a Billion sea creatures perished under the searing heat. In California, prime growing regions may fall a similar fate; after a point, unbearable heat makes life impossible.

The Declaration notes that the heat domes are proof beyond any doubt that global warming caused by profligate use of fossil fuels has led to our tragic fate of ecology out of balance.

Why is it that the United States leadership within government and within the industrial corporate elite has not done anything to stop global warming? The Oil Giant, Exxon / Mobile knew as far back as 1972 that over use of fossil fuels would heat up the planet with green house gases including carbon dioxide?

Furthermore, James Hansen, a Goddard Laboratory scientist, paid through US research funding, provided irrefutable evidence of the problem of fossil fuel effluence and the danger of global warming.

But his report was shut down. The Hansen study was shelved and denied a fair hearing; environmental hatchet-man, John Sununu, while in the service of President Bush, Sr., did the deed. To this day there have no national legislation to limit the use of fossil fuels.

The failure to address the problem of excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, has enabled Big Oil has to operate with relative impunity, without accountability, and so there are no limits in sight to change the course of industrial civilization.

The Greens have chosen an apt moment to take a stand with a declaration of ecological emergency; by doing so Greens claim the mantle of responsible stewardship of the earth. The obvious failure of elected and non-elected leadership to stand up for the ‘general welfare,’ as prescribed by the Constitution, demands Greens to step in and fill the void; an amoral leadership with a moral leadership.

As a complement to the Declaration of Emergency, Green Party US intends to advance a full throttle campaign for the Presidency in 2024, with a Shadow Cabinet to amplify the message for a Green society.

A Declaration of Emergency, enhanced with a multi-year electoral campaign, will turbo charge Green efforts to get on the ballot in states that don’t have ballot access, and it will energize, every state in the union to push a Green political agenda.

An early Presidential / Shadow Cabinet campaign will energize the 2022 election season and provide Greens a common message: that the elites have failed the nation, only Greens not financially tied to Corporations and Equity funds and other wealthy donors, can provide the free hand to make chan. Greens are untethered to corporate campaign finance, so they are free to follow our values and goals for ecologically and socially just conditions.

It is beyond the scope of this brief call-to-action to enumerate the steps that need to be taken to address global warming and secure social justice, but one thing is certain, removing carbon dioxide through regenerative farming, tree planting, sea based agriculture, and even industrial scale Carbon Dioxide sequestration must be made a priority while simultaneously reducing use of fossil fuels.

Any down playing of the eco-emergency, and claim that we cannot afford to address the is laughable given how under the Covid “pandemic” the United States government has provided well over $4 Trillion in value to hold the economy together and finance the vaccine rollout.

Money is not the problem; asserting the will to change is the problem, and the elites have spoken with the heat dome; they are not going to act; they are going to hold onto possibilities for making profit; as a result, they have shown they are committed to acting in the public interest.

Now is the time for Greens to make the call and step into the void and lead. Declare an emergency and fight like hell to save what we can.



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