Liberation Coalition Manifesto: Call to Action

The Call

In the name of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and other victims of state crimes, we make the following appeal:

We have come to a time, when we the people who are inclined toward liberty, and who bear witness to corruption and malfeasance from state and corporate authorities, decide to withdraw our consent to be governed by a government that has lost legitimacy due to a failure to follow the constitution and look out for the ‘general welfare’ of the country.

In addition, we assert our democratic right to rebuild government and redefine the scope of power held by corporations and the oligarchic plutocracy. This liberation coalition manifesto is an assertion of sovereignty of the people to reclaim sections of society and the state that have been usurped by a ruling oligarchic plutocracy. This call is an invitation to the country to sign onto, and stand in solidarity with, a call to transform our country and take control of our destiny as a free people.

This call for a Liberation Coalition was initially conceived as a dissident reaction to the failure to prosecute state crimes against democracy. This call for liberation is born of indignation at the injustice of cover ups ranging from the JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK and other 1960’s assassinations, to the September 11th attacks and subsequent Anthrax attack on Senate leaders. It was conceived that a freedom movement could mobilize a mass movement aimed at changing the republic and society for the better by channelling a desire for justice into a liberation movement.

But now, with the development of Covid and the Globalist push for a “Great Reset”, the need for a Liberation Movement has taken on an even greater urgency. Since a concerted fear campaign has been weaponized to induce mass compliance with lockdown protocols and vaccine mandates, the country has been put on a path toward an emerging techno-totalitarianism envisioned by Globalist leadership within the World Economic Forum.

The influence of the Globalist / Medical / Military Industrial Complex in the Federal Covid Response is seen in the lockdown of society, and the denial of early treatment for Covid infections and the singular focus on getting jabs into every arm as the solution to Covid. The Federal Covid Response, which is marked by fraudulent use of emergency use authority, demonstrates the grave urgency for a Liberation Movement that can provide leadership in opposition to the Globalist agenda.

Prior to the Covid ‘pandemic’, dissident voices have long demanded accountability and justice. Denunciations of governmental and corporate corruption and other malfeasance have been inadequately addressed or full out covered up. Protection of whistleblowers and establishment of an independent media are critical for a Liberation Movement to succeed.

At bottom, this call for a liberation movement is an expression of indignation, (enough is enough). When the totality of the crimes that have been committed by deep state agents of the plutocratic oligarchy is considered, it becomes clear that a multi-generational assault against our democracy (the will of the people to choose elected representatives) has occurred. Deep state impunity violates basic law of the land in the name of national security and has brought us to this momentous occasion where withdrawal of our consent to be governed is necessary.

The domination of society by corporate and governmental agencies, as the arms and legs of the plutocracy, stem from a long history of the financial elites’ control of court systems, banking concerns, the Big Oil and Big Pharma cartels, and other financial giants. They have secured power by using the deep state to advance the plutocratic agenda.

The long history of unaccountability has led to elite impunity.

The stage for impunity was set long ago. Historians can trace a starting point for the practice of deep state / oligarchic plutocratic impunity clear back to the American Revolution. Others go further back in time to 1619, others highlight the Andrew Jackson presidency, others start with with the formation of the Federal Reserve and World War I and the Espionage Act, and others assign the 1947 National Security Act as most fateful, and so on. But the most compelling start point in our modern era is the warning from President Eisenhower to rein in the Military Industrial Complex two days before he left the White House.

President Kennedy sought to limit the power of the deep state operations of the CIA, but was murdered for his efforts. The failure to prosecute President  Kennedy’s assassination and the other 1960’s political crimes, including the September 11th cover up, the Big Lie of weapons of mass destruction rationalizing the Iraq War in 2003, among other deceptions, have set the stage for the current attack on our democracy under the Covid ‘pandemic’.

The crimes of September 11th attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon were covered up by national and domestic security agencies that should have conducted open, honest and professional forensic examinations of the crime scenes. This did not happen, and the cover up shows these agencies acted against our constitution, and prevented a full disclosure of what happened.

Indeed, the Federal Bureau of Investigation covered up all the crimes, as well as, the subsequent Anthrax attack, which enabled quick passage of the Patriot Act and the empowerment of the national security / surveillance state. By these acts of malfeasance, the public was tricked into acquiescing to the usurpation of additional powers by the state to surveil and act without regard to civil rights and constitutional protections.

As a result of unaccountable state crimes, the country has essentially and effectively, been stolen, and the republic has been crippled by big money interests. Consequently, the republic is no longer a constitutional republic determined by democratic elections, but has morphed into an oligarchic state in which the FDA / CDC / NIH, and other agencies, now act as agents of the plutocracy. Federal agencies are not acting according to a duty to the constitution to look out for the ‘general welfare’ and public interest.

The impunity of the deep state to commit state crimes is compounded by a relentless propaganda campaign. A slew of false narratives has induced in many Americans a hypnotized state in which an Orwellian world of Big Lies, Doublethink, Group Think, and other conditions of living in a propagandized world, impede dialogue and rational discourse. This is by design; as a result, the nation is unable to process the crimes and people remain captured to false narratives. The trauma of state crimes pushes many in society into cognitive dissonance.

The Covid Crime

The latest state crime against our democracy unfolded as a dangerous pathogen, the SARS Cov2 virus. The Big Pharma / CDC / NIH / FDA, military and medical industrial complex cabal, have contrived the Covid faux-pandemic.

The Federal Covid Response was framed as an international pandemic, but was conducted under a national security protocol in which the origin, and lab design, of SARS Cov2, was hidden under national security secrecy rules. The Covid ‘pandemic’ response was marked by a relentless fear campaign, and suppression of early treatment protocols that enabled fraudulent ‘emergency use’ authorization by the FDA for the vaccines.
Though the official reports on the numbers of ‘cases’ was based on dubious testing, the true nature of the pandemic remains opaque, hidden behind numerical obfuscation, and a failure to conduct due diligence by the authorities of the vaccine ‘experiment.’

Reports of adverse events to the Covid vaccines show that the Federal Covid Response is an unmitigated disaster for the country but has been a boondoggle for the Medical Industrial Complex.

See article from Blaylock for a concise critique of the Fedeal Covid Response as unmitigated disaster:

Questions demand answers and an honest investigation into multiple aspects of the Federal Covid Response is in order. Prosecution of fraud is absolutely necessary to dispel the idea of a legitimate health emergency.

Numerous acts of fraud show levels of malfeasance never seen before.

The refusal by CDC / FDA / NIH to issue emergency use authorization to repurpose stocks of post-patent anti-virals to treat Covid infections, is one example of a policy that favored the Big Pharma and denied ‘we the people’ access to medicine. This denial of emergency use provided a financial bounty to Big Pharma; the false claims that no medicine was available to treat Covid infectoins set the stage for the fraudulent application of the Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines.

The presidential call for a vaccine mandate, and the lockdowns of businesses and public institutions are rank violations of constitutionally protected liberty. Namely, we the people have been denied informed consent of the risks and dangers of vaccines; there has been censorship of criticisms of the ‘science’ behind the vaccines; the practice of medicine was shanghaied by federal bureaucracy, and many doctors and nurses have been forced out of their respective professions for refusal to comply with mandate to vaccinate.

The power play to compel mandates is one  piece of a larger plan to exercise extreme controls over the populace. The mandates have divided society into the compliant versus vaccine refuseniks. This divide has been fostered by the Covid mis- and dis- information campaigns conducted by the FDA / CDC / NIH Big Pharma cabal with the assistance of mainstream media.

We are in a civil war conducted by the global elites against the population through coerced compliance and a mass propaganda campaign to accept vaccines. Even so, courts are not supporting the Biden Administrations effort to compel vaccinations, indicating the executive order was an unconstitutional usurpation of authority. We in this liberation coalition, accept that society is in the grip of a plutocratic cabal, aka ‘Globalists,’ that is using the mandate, and a Covid fear campaign to set the stage for greater levels of control over the population.

Indeed, a move by the World Health Organization to become an international health authority to dictate medical practice in sovereign nations belies the end plan, or true purpose of the Covid Pandemic: a Globalist project to create global controls over world populations. A preponderance of evidence from highly credible sources indicates this is what is happening.

On the Broader Issue of Constitutional Rights under Covid Pandemic.

On basic civil rights grounds, we oppose the bureaucratic gate keeping conducted by the FDA / CDC / NIH to dictate the practice of medicine, a states’ right to determine. Moreover, the principle of informed consent has been completely abandoned by the Federal Covid Response, given that a mandate violates informed consent and the right to voluntary compliance.

We call on others who recognize that ‘Enough Impunity is Enough’, to join together and form a Liberation Coalition. This Liberation Coalition, as the kernel for a national and international liberation movement, are a unity of left, right and center. Our national and international problem of a Global Plutocratic Oligarchic elite goes beyond party politics and is the stuff of fundamental rights and liberty for ‘we the people.’

This manifesto is a call to action in a grand civil and political and economic rights struggle for the reclamation of our republic. We do not count on elected officials to do the right thing for the country; they won’t act until they feel safe, or forced by  a mass mobilization of ‘we the people.’

We envision a struggle involving consumer boycotts, petitions of grievance, acts of civil disobedience, assemblies of protest, petitioning for grand jury investigations, speaking in protest, all culminating in tactical strikes and a grand strategic general strike to force change. In fact, all of the above is already in play, but without a concerted coalition pushing coherently for mass mobilization, the freedom movement will remain siloed in individual, particular projects.

A Liberation Coalition endeavors to build a mass unity movement that speaks in a common voice and that seeks the revamping of our constitutional republic. Developing our common voice will require conferences, white papers, and an engaged vanguard of concerned citizens willing to talk together to forge the way forward.

Chief among our demands is freedom from state and corporate domination. In addition, as a general objective, we seek reforms that ensure human dignity and a basic right / capacity to live life fully to the best of ones potential. Any liberation coalition worth its salt must stand for the preservation and restoration of Earth’s eco-sphere. For this we struggle.

We the undersigned individuals and groups, stand in solidarity with this call to take back our republic by mobilizing a mass liberation movement founded on democratic right to reform the state. Furthermore, liberation requires prosecution of state crimes against our democracy, as well the prosecution of other corporate and governmental malfeasance. Ending elite impunity is necessary for securing the general welfare of the nation. Getting accountability and justice is the predicate for building out an electoral system that is free from corporate / plutocratic domination.

We understand our country has been stolen and now we want it back. To recall Ben Franklin’s remark about replacing the king with a republic, he stated ‘it remains to be seen if the American people can hold onto it [their newly founded republic];’ sadly, the American people have lost out to the plutocracy, but now we are ready to try again, but with eyes wide open, fully aware of the power of the plutocracy.

Organizational and individual signatories:
Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter

Post-script: We consider this “Liberation Manifesto” a ‘living document’ and invite any and all signatories to compose a preface / prologue statement to qualify support for the Manifesto, or provide an epilogue statement to add perspective and nuance for consideration of what is needed for a liberation movement to succeed. As a living document, it will grow and add nuance with the growing membership. Ultimately, we must compose a Declaration of Independence from oligarchic/plutocratic domination.

In the end, any true liberation from oligarchic plutocratic domination will require new laws and changes to the US Constitution, or a rewrite entirely. This means the movement needs to bring the wise people together to produce leaders willing to run for office, to form committees to craft a new constitution, if this is the direction the liberation movement takes. We must remain steadfast to the cause of prosecuting state crimes; otherwise, unpunished impunity will provide the breeding ground for a new crop of tyrants. National reconciliation around state crimes may be considered a goal for liberation as well.

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