The Green Party US should dispute the popular media over 9/11

The Green Party US should dispute the popular media claim that the events of the 1/6/2021 capitol are connected to the September 11, 2001 “terrorist” attacks. Through media spin, the case is being made that Trump followers are influenced by a conspiracy theory skepticism that has fostered a domestic terrorism threat. This conflation of terrorism with the skeptics of the official narrative, is another ‘Big Lie’ to bookend the Big Lie of 9/11 20 years later.

There are different spins being put on the argument, but media from Frontline, to NY Times, Washington Post, Guardian and others are reinforcing a claim that the doubters about 9/11 brought about the conspiracy theorists Trump rallied to his cause. No one in mainstream media is questioning the official ‘false’ narrative.

For example, a New York times opinion piece explains “how September 11 gave us January 6.” Though, this article says “terrorism” of 9/11 led to domestic terrorism from hard right, it suggests doubts about official narrative feeds into domestic unrest.

Jennifer Rubin in Washington Post actually takes skepticism about the 9/11 official narrative as an indictment of Republican Party; she suggests its tolerance of QAnon conspiracy theorists makes the GOP complicit by enabling Trump to tell his “Big Lie.”

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we are getting a media spin that skeptics of the official narrative have fostered the growth of domestic terrorism.

President Bush, in his recent speech commemorating 9/11 uses the occasion to reinforce the official narrative that ‘foreign terrorists,’ and doubts about the official story, connect with Trump and his people with a domestic threat.

Today we the people of the USA should be reflecting on what really happened. We should be calling out the absurd lies being told about Building #7, the third building to collapse at 5:20pm, which is a smoking gun of controlled demolition.

Since 9/11, our country has been subjected to an orchestrated media campaign to assert the ‘Big Lie’ that Al-Qaeda attacked the towers and caused them to collapse from impacts of the airplanes.

But the evidence of Building 7 collapsing from an obvious controlled demolition continues to be covered up by acts of omission from mainstream media.

The media was managed to report that Al-qaeda did it; that planes caused the collapse due to structural failure of the buildings. This was all asserted by a few individuals that presumably were planted to establish the story line that was repeated by the officials in charge of discussing the 9/11 event.

Initial news reports document the first impression from observers of the buildings’ collapse; it shows the obvious fact of controlled demolition; this is what people saw and reported.

The official “Big Lie’ was established in the first two hours of the attack on the Towers. As the author of the Brasscheck TV reports; a few well placed ‘fake’ journalists is all it takes to start a false narrative.

Furthermore, we should recall that the Anthrax attack on the two Democratic Party Senators who resisted passing the Patriot Act without review and debate, remains unresolved. It is a fact that USA Fort Dietrich was the source of the anthrax that shut down the Senate and hastened the passage of the Patriot Act.

Green Party US calls on Congress to release all remaining classified documents on the September 11th attacks, and calls on Congress to commission an independent tribunal to conduct a full investigation of all events including the cover up, in full transparency without national security limitations.

Green Party US platform calls for investigations into the events of September 11, 2001, and we call for the suspension of the Patriot Act as it was passed by Congress while under undress, and Congress was not of sound mind, suffering psychological shock.

But the most significant trauma that plays on American consciousness is tied to our trust of government and willingness to accept the official narrative, which violates correspondence between what we are told to believe and what our eyes and ears and intuitions tell us. We are told to believe a false narrative, advanced by mainstream media, that defies common sense; we have been conditioned to accept a lie as a salve to our trauma, but which actually traumatizes us further at a subconscious level because we are forced into cognitive dissonance, and then participate in ‘group speak.’

Our sense of reality was bludgeoned by a misinformation campaign that continues today; indeed, twenty years later, we are not reminded of Building 7, rather we are told that the conspiracy theorists have enabled domestic terrorism, a crude assertion that shows a dreadful lack of imagination.

Appendix: Brasscheck in 9 minute video shows how the “official” false narrative was laid down in national news reports within the first two hours of the 9/11 Event.

“Opinion: False, toxic Sept. 11 conspiracy theories are still widespread today” “The birth of a conspiracy theory; Trutherism emerged almost immediately after the attacks.”

“In a variety of polls in the first decade after 9/11, Democrats were more likely than Republicans to believe in Trutherism. In a 2006 Ohio University survey, 51 percent of Democrats signed on to some form of Trutherism, while only 18 percent of Republicans did the same. The survey is imperfect — it doesn’t include a “somewhat unlikely” option, and other polls show much higher percentages that “don’t know” — but it demonstrates that Trutherism had a solid foothold on the left.”

“Law professor Evan Laine and political economist Raju Parakkal of Thomas Jefferson University studied what drove so many Americans to subscribe to the conspiracy theories that Bush was behind the attacks.”

“Truther communities cropped up online and believers met at conferences across the country. A new class of “experts” also emerged. Fenster explained that academics such as physicist Steven Jones and theologian David Ray Griffin, as well as longtime conspiracy theorists including Alex Jones, made the case for Trutherism in books, broadcasts and lectures. Within a few years, an entire Trutherism industry had formed.”

“Trump and the changing face of Trutherism
After Bush left office, conspiracy-theory enthusiasts found new obsessions, such as Obama’s birth certificate. But in 2016, amid the rise of Donald Trump (and eight years of Obama as president), Trutherism became more prevalent among Republicans.
By the time Trump took office, the partisan divide on Trutherism had nearly disappeared.”
Meanwhile, Trump embraced conspiracy theories around election fraud, Obama’s citizenship and other topics. And, although Trump didn’t endorse Sept. 11 Trutherism specifically, he tiptoed around the edges of it and elevated leading Truthers such as Jones.”
“Conspiracy theories existed in both parties before Trump became the Republican standard-bearer. But Trump brought conspiratorial thinking into the mainstream, encouraging his followers — explicitly or implicitly — to trust no one else and follow him down the rabbit hole.” “A new forever conspiracy theory?”
“Twenty years on, Trutherism remains substantial. One in 6 Americans — including 19 percent of Democrats and 14 percent of Republicans — believe in some form of the conspiracy theory.”
“To be sure, Republicans are currently more supportive of dangerous conspiracy theories, such as election fraud and fear mongering about coronavirus vaccines. But the data on Trutherism shows there is an audience for conspiracy theories in both parties. A sizable subset of voters are prepared to believe things for which there is no evidence. America will have to cope with that for years to come.” “And the Republican Party continues to minimize, deflect and ignore the 1/6 terrorist attack. Can one imagine in the wake of 9/11 Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asking senators as a “favor” not to investigate the 9/11 attacks? Consider the reaction had House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy insisted we not bother investigating 9/11 because the other side was simply seeking to score political points. One can only imagine the reaction if, after a foreign attack premised on the big lie, Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and the other Republicans proceeded to make challenges to the democratic process based on the same conspiracy theory advanced by foreign terrorists.” “The press, the ecosystem of donors, activists and operatives, and even, to an extent, the Democrats all treat Republicans as a normal political party within our democratic system, rather than as the enablers of a “foul spirit” and violent extremism. They shy away from labeling Republicans as “1/6 truthers” when the GOP’s effort to direct blame away from the actual terrorists is no better than claiming 9/11 was an inside job. (McCarthy and his cohorts insist it’s Pelosi who should be investigated.)” “The 1/6 terrorists breached the building the 9/11 terrorists could not. Both the 9/11 terrorists and the domestic 1/6 terrorists sought to destroy our democracy in service to a crazed ideology of intolerance.” “The press, the ecosystem of donors, activists and operatives, and even, to an extent, the Democrats all treat Republicans as a normal political party within our democratic system, rather than as the enablers of a “foul spirit” and violent extremism. They shy away from labeling Republicans as “1/6 truthers” when the GOP’s effort to direct blame away from the actual terrorists is no better than claiming 9/11 was an inside job.” “The media would be compelled to drop its false equivalence between the parties. We would, in short, reach the inevitable conclusion that today’s GOP operates outside of and is a threat to peaceful democratic governance and a multiracial democracy.” Trump spread conspiracy theories about Muslims in New Jersey cheering the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 and about where Obama was born. He continues to spread other conspiracy theories today; they, too, have infected the nation’s politics…This time, as Bush said Saturday, it is not international terrorism that poses the greatest threat to the homeland; it is domestic terrorism from white supremacists and others. Twenty years on from 9/11, that is the state of the country.” Brasscheck in 9 minute video shows how the “official” false narrative was laid down in national news reports within the first two hours of the 9/11 Event. this article from Greg Sargent shows how spin is being made around failure to trust the Federal government as undermining public health. “The coverage neglects the active bad-faith efforts by Republicans and their media allies to harden that same distrust.
Does this mean Republicans are engaged in a fully organized, party-wide effort to sabotage our national covid response?

  • That may be the wrong question. The reality is a nuanced one: At best, Republicans are demonstrably seeking to undermine confidence in vaccines (and masks) in ways that lack any serious or discernible public interest rationale and go far beyond mere standard-issue GOP suspicion of government mandates, for plainly instrumental purposes.
  • This deserves scrutiny on its own, as a form of deceptive bad-faith conduct in public service that is itself a big contributor to our crises. It shouldn’t be merely accepted as a background condition of our politics that’s natural and inevitable, one whose consequences it is only upon Democrats to overcome.” Truth out is a progressive news source that doesn’t question the official narrative and shifts blame onto Republicans not the deep state operatives that caused 9/11.

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