What just happened at the Capitol.

January 13, 2021
Progressive Green News
By Chuck Fall

There really has been some kind of insurrection by Trump followers, but it is emerging that the invasion by a mob into the Capitol was not a spontaneous event either; it was planned for, but as far as any insurrection goes, the one on the Capitol was clumsy and fumbled. I scratch my head and try to make sense of it.

It appears Mr. Trump really believed that he could throw the election and hold onto the presidency; but he didn’t think it through, or consider all the angles; it was a terrible idea based on a terrible plan; he acted on his narcissistic impulse to not be a loser, maybe this is why the insurrection failed.

If we accept the President’s own rhetoric, then the purpose of the march to the Capitol from his rally at the Ellipse, was to ‘stop the steal,’ and to interrupt the certification of the Electoral College results. The mob only disrupted and delayed the constitutional step of certifying the electoral college count.

Evidently, Pence communicated to President Trump that he wouldn’t not certify. Vice-president Pence wouldn’t play his part. Pence was the weak link in a plan to ‘stop the steal’ and for Trump and his Republican followers to keep Trump in office.

It is hard to imagine how Trump could have made the insurrection succeed, but he believed he had the support of enough Republican Party members that he could prevail; but it required a mob and complicity from others to enable insurrection.

The most obvious and glaring example of complicity in the insurrection is the decision to not deploy National Guard units around the Capitol; it would provide a bad “optic,’ the Department of Defense official is reported to have said in a Washington Post article. Someone in Defense declined the request to have Guard units at the ready.

The Washington Post reported that the Mayor of Washington D.C. requested National Guard troops be deployed as reinforcements of the Capitol building; she asked for this on January 5th. Department of Defense wouldn’t commit, or deflected the request and postponed a decision til after 4pm on January 6th, after rioters had left the building.

The dithering is a tell; it shows interference in what should have been a “best security” practice. Even President Trump is reported to have been involved in discussions with Department of Defense about the “optics” of deploying National Guard troops around the Capitol, and has “seemingly” influenced the decision to not deploy National Guard troops on the morning of January 6th. This definitely needs to be investigated, and heads need to role at the Department of Defense for declining the Mayor’s request for immediate deployment.

Though the Capitol Police put up a fight, it wasn’t enough, there was obvious deference given to Trump’s followers contrasted with the way Black Lives Matter protesters were treated by police agencies over the Summer. This nod to white privilege shows how deep racist feelings run. Many in the police see the Trump followers as their people, unlike how many police view the BLM protester.

The protestors were from the hard right, and they really wanted to hurt someone it seems, given the zip ties, the “hang Mike Pence” chant, the searching for Speaker Pelosi, and violent attack on a Capitol police officer.

Among the mob who broke into the Capitol were military veterans, off-duty police, elected officials, professionals, people from all stripes of life, but mostly made up of alienated white people. Many if not most, largely embrace the Qanon message that Trump is a hero and great for America. And the Qanon mindset has caused a real break with reality.

One critic of the Qanon program, an expert in manufacturing of computer gaming, notices that the Qanon narrative matches with computer game story lines, showing how the Qanon is not an “organic” individual but is an algorithm, a machine created, narrative.

Computer game technology has enabled ‘Qanon,’ or those behind Qanon, to capture the imagination of Trump followers. Qanon game format let’s followers participate with guess work and imagination, and plays on them so they feel engaged and included in something they feel is real.

The critic speculates that Qanon could be a project of a national government, or run by people close to Trump that are well financed; the Qanon effort requires considerable expertise and money to sustain.

As a result people who follow Qanon do suffer from a form of delusion because they have bought into a “game theory” story line invented by a technocrat in some section of the deep state. An ironic situation given the Qanon claim that Trump is fighting the Deep State, which he may well be, but not for a virtuous reason.

Members of Congress are demanding a full investigation. There is evidence of a conspiracy to withhold National Guard units til after the event; investigators need to look into the failure to act on the intelligence that suggested plans to disrupt the Congress.

Since the Washington Post reported on the Department of Defense refusal to act on the January 5th request for troops, there has been scant follow up on this thread. Some are calling the Capitol riot an orchestrated event that involved the complicity of groups from the Capitol police, to Department of Defense officials, all of whom supported efforts to weaken Capitol defenses, so the mob could enter and interrupt the official receipt of the Electoral College vote.

Democrat members of the House now allege some of their Republican counterparts were seen giving tours of the Capitol to individuals who would return the next day as a member of the mob.

On the face of the evidence, it appears that Trump followers in the Department of Defense, the national legislature, state legislatures, police departments and across the military, supported efforts to throw the election to Trump. Elements within all of these agencies participated in the the action to interrupt the final official act to formally recognize Biden, short of the inauguration.

It remains to be seen how this all plays out; but I am not going to assume that the full story will ever be revealed. Will investigations reveal the full scope of the planning, and identify those who participated in the planning? I am not holding my breath, but will always call for the truth.

I also look forward to the constitutional exercise of the 14th amendment, Section 3, applied to insurrection. this will be interesting to see if anything comes of claims against Republican elected officials.

Sadly, Trump followers have been drinking the President’s narrative that the election was stolen. The problem is the evidence for this is not present. Claiming Trump won more votes than Biden doesn’t stand up to scrutiny; State election officials have all certified the electoral votes for their state; to suggest that 52 states committed fraud, or even that only a few states committed fraud, needs to be demonstrated with evidence and Trump could not do that.

Trump followers need to repent for their sin of accepting lies from a demagogue, and acting on that information to try to keep Trump in office.

But to be fair to Trump followers, or anyone who questions the results of the elections; there is a long history of electoral theft, that is true. One thing that should be demanded by the Democrats and Republicans is for a national voting policy and electoral reforms. We need in all states a vote by paper ballot method, high security electronic counting, regular audits to ensure accuracy, and the implementation of campaign finance reform as well as Ranked Choice Voting to enhance voter choice.

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