Liberation Coalition Manifesto

In the name of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and other victims of state crimes, we make the following appeal:

The Liberation Coalition is a call to form a unified front against the experimental vaccine mandates, firstly, as well as demand accountability and justice for decades of government and corporate corruption and other malfeasance that amount to a series of crimes against our democracy and the American Republic, secondly.

The corruption and impunity by which the elites have control of the economy and banking system and money supply, military industrial complex, and now, medical treatments, by way of the Big Pharma medical complex, must be stopped.

The domination of corporate and governmental agencies by the plutocracy stems from a long history of the financial elites controlling court systems, banking concerns, the Big Oil and Big Pharma cartels, and other financial giants. The Big Pharma / CDC / NIH / FDA, military and medical industrial complex cabal, have contrived the Covid faux-pandemic. It amounts to another state crime against our democracy.

The Federal response to the Covid ‘pandemic’ has been designed to sustain economic dislocation and compel the nation to accept the Covid vaccines, and make the populace compliant for social controls like vaccine registries and travel passports.
Since the early reports of Covid cases in Wuhan China, a fear campaign has hypnotized the nation with messaging designed to induce the populace into accepting an experimental and unsafe and ineffective vaccines. Though the numbers of ‘cases’ and fatalities associated with Covid are high, the true nature of the pandemic remains opaque, hidden behind numerical obfuscation of cases, whether actual Covid infections, or something else.

Questions demand answers and an honest investigation into multiple aspects of the Federal Covid Response is in order. Prosecution of fraud is absolutely necessary to dispel the idea of a legitimate health emergency.

Numerous acts of fraud show levels of malfeasance never seen before. For example: the decision to shroud the SARS Cov2 in a national security secrecy protocol turned Covid into a national security matter and not a public health emergency that could have been properly directed to attend to Covid infections and keep people out of hospital. Fraudulent PCR tests, and unreliable antigen tests, the alleged disappearance of the flu in 2021, obfuscated the true number of Covid ‘cases’.

The refusal by CDC / FDA / NIH to issue emergency use authorization to repurpose stocks of anti-virals to treat Covid infections provided a financial bounty to Big Pharma; the fraudulent claims made against anti-virals set the stage for the fraudulent issuance of the Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines, all amounting to medical malfeasance that caused unnecessary deaths.

Moreover, evidence of a cover up of the dangers of vaccines is criminal and must be investigated and prosecuted immediately. We support the call from Dr. Frances Boyle for activists to act locally to petition grand jury investigations into allegations that SARS Cov2 is a bio-weapon, and that the suppression of early treatment protocols was criminal, and that the failure of FDA / CDC /NIH to look out for the ‘general welfare’ and protect the country, makes the leadership enemies of the Constitution for failing to look out for the good of the country.

One of only two drugs permitted for treating Covid infections, Remdesivir led to 30% fatality outcomes in hospital patients; the failure to pull the EUA for Remdesivir is medical malfeasance as well.

The presidential call for a vaccine mandate, and the lockdowns of businesses and public institutions, are rank violations of constitutional protections from state usurpation of liberty. Namely, we the people have been denied informed consent of the risks and dangers of vaccines; there has been censorship of criticisms of the ‘science’ behind the vaccines.

The power play to compel mandates is one  piece of a larger plan to exercise extreme controls over the populace. The mandates have divided society into the compliant versus vaccine refuseniks. This divide has been fostered by the Covid mis- and dis- information campaigns conducted by the FDA / CDC / NIH cabal with the assistance of mainstream media.

We are in a civil war conducted by the global elites against the population through coerced compliance with vaccine registries. We accept that society is in the grip of a plutocratic cabal, aka ‘Globalists,’ that is using the mandate to set the stage for greater levels of control over the population.

The impunity by which Big Pharma and the government and non-government agencies have conducted the Covid ‘pandemic’ is the problem. The stage for impunity was set long ago. The failure to prosecute President  Kennedy’s murder and the other 1960’s assassinations, as well as  the Iran / Contra illegal gun running operation, the 9/11 state crime against democracy, the Big Lie of weapons of mass destruction to rationalize starting the Iraq War in 2003, among other deceptions, have set the stage for the current attack on our democracy.

As a result of unaccountable crimes against our democracy, the country has essentially and effectively, been stolen, figuratively speaking, and the republic has been crippled by big money. That is, the republic is not a democratic republic but an oligarchic state in which the FDA / CDC / NIH act as agents of the plutocracy and not as defenders of the constitution with the duty to look out for the ‘general welfare’ and public interest.

Consequently, citizens have become hostage to fears of covid infections, as the nation was made hostage to the war against terrorism in 2001 following September 11. The trauma of state crimes pushes many of us into cognitive dissonance about the evidence that 9/11 wasn’t a terrorist plot but a play by national security agencies acting against our democratic republic by tricking the public into accepting additional powers for the state to surveil and act without regard to civil rights and constitutional protections. Group think and other conditions of mass delusional psychosis have been conditioned into the popular consciousness from a relentless media for the official narrative.

On basic civil rights grounds we oppose the mandates and we call on others who recognize that the country is being held hostage by a power structure elite, to join together and form a Liberation Coalition. We are a unity of left, right and center. Our problem goes beyond party politics and is the stuff of fundamental rights and liberty.

This manifesto is a call to action in civil rights struggle for the reclamation of our republic. We do not count on elected officials to do the right thing for the country; they won’t until they feel safe, and compelled by  a mass mobilization of ‘we the people.’

We envision a struggle involving consumer boycotts, petitions of grievance, acts of civil disobedience, assemblies of protest, petitioning for grand jury investigations, speaking in protest, all culminating in tactical strikes and a grand strategic general strike to force change.

A Liberation Coalition endeavors to build a mass unity movement that speaks in a common voice and demands the restoration of our constitutional republic. Among our demands is freedom from state mandates and corporate domination; in addition, as a general objective, we seek reforms that ensure human dignity to live life fully to the best of ones potential, and preservation and restoration of Earth’s eco-sphere. For this we struggle.

We the undersigned groups, stand in solidarity with this call to take back our republic by demanding prosecution of state crimes against our democracy, as well the prosecution of corporate and governmental malfeasance. Getting accountability and justice is the predicate for building out an electoral and governmental system that is free from corporate / plutocratic domination.

Organizational co-signers:

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